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Painting is one of the most prime forms of art. Since ancient time communication of ideas was done through painting and drawing. As the time moved forward and civilization became advance, this technique became more and more popular.
Now different forms and techniques are used to create masterpieces that make you wonder. One of these techniques that have become very popular in recent times is canvas painting. Different types of paints are used for doing painting on canvas.

Basics of canvas paintings:

Canvas is made from very durable and woven fabric and is used for a number of purposes including painting. The use of canvas is very popular because the material is long lasting and the finishing is very good. Popular types of paints that are used on canvas are oil and acrylic.
Acrylic paints are often used on canvas for contemporary art. They give very good results especially by mixing for contemporary art. Different shades and colors used in such form of art are best achieved by using acrylic paints.

Basic equipment needed before starting canvas painting:

The basic things needed for doing canvas paintings are; paints usually acrylic, canvas stretched on a wooden frame, palate and the basic six brushes. Once these things are in order mixing of different colors and experimenting with different combinations comes as the next step.

Contemporary art:

Contemporary art is the new generation of art. Contemporary paintings are very popular in Dubai. Dubai hosts different art events and exhibitions and contemporary art in Dubai is one of them. More and more artists are participating in these exhibitions. More and more people are encouraging these artists by purchasing their work and adding them to their collections.
Dubai art galleries host different types of canvas paintings ranging in variety as per their affordability. Paintings of a wide variety are available for collectors and decorators. Most of the galleries have an affordable collection for every budget and people appreciate this initiative on their part.

Portrait art:

When a sketch or a painting is made of a human subject, it is called a portrait. In the manner of speaking it is simple, but over the passage of time the portrait art has evolved with different techniques. The contemporary portrait art being one of them. The contemporary portrait art is more about the soul and expression of a person rather them resemblance.

Difference between the conventional and contemporary portrait:

The conventional portraits are more about perfection and resemblance of the subject. Artists making conventional portraits emphasize on proper serious expression and poise in stature of the subject. The literal representation of the person was the important element in portrait painting.

When photographs became popular conventional portraits became less popular. Co-incidentally art was becoming more modern at the same time. Contemporary portrait art is more about symbolic representation of the subject. Expression and personalities are focused in contemporary art.

Final Thought:

Contemporary art is although more recent but now has become the most effective way of expression in painting. Portrait painting has also been affected in this regard. The portrait has become more symbolic and less precise. Modern day artists try to capture the essence of personality and expression rather the perfection in resemblance.

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