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A great painting, be it a portrait, surreal or abstract art, indeed gives a pleasurable experience to the viewers. But it all started with the subject that artist picked out to paint. It is not an easy-going endeavor.

To pick a unique subject for your exciting painting you are about to begin, you must feel comfortable. Anxiousness about subject selection will not take you anywhere.  You are free to make your own decision. It all depends on you how much effort you are willing to put in order to create an amazing piece of artwork.

Keeping this in mind, as one of the portrait artists, I have few suggestions for beginners especially to make selection of the subject easier for them.

Look For a Challenge:

In the start, it is good to pick routine subjects. However, to improve your expertise and to broaden the artistic vision, you must go for something really challenging. A subject that will actually out your art skills on trial.

If easy and routine things are holding your interest then my friend, trust me that you can never generate an inspirational painting. Hunt for something that’s powerful enough to push you as a painter. This will, undoubtedly, motivate you to sit down and see if you are capable to pull off this challenge. Do not choose the subject that merely fails to bring your emotional response in action.

For example, Walk on Water needs a lot courage, skills and a fancy mind to put it on canvas.

Strong Psychological Impact:

This is bit more complicated but to enhance your capabilities as a painting artist, do not put any constraint on your theme selection.

You may not succeed in portraying the psychological impact of a mystical object, haunting situation or feel of fear on a lost child’s face etc, but it will make you a batter painter for sure.

It could be a murky pond strapped in dusky light around, and smoggy fumes hovering around making the atmosphere grosser and dangerous. Well, whatever attracts you, ensure that you will try to reflect its real essence.

For instance, Deserted in which a kind of belly dancer on pomegranate showing how delegate this balance-oriented and focused-required this dance form is.   

Avoid Controversial Issues:

New and young artists often think that if they target some controversial subject, they will be popular within days. True that the confrontational matters straightforwardly come into the spotlight. However, in the world of fine arts, painting enthusiasts usually take such things offensive. You might lose your repute even before your full emergence in the painting field.

I am not saying that not to highlight the social evils but do not opt for anything related to a specific culture or religion. Be a moderate portrait artist.

The Verdict:

Like the golf is an ever-challenging game that you can never perfect, portrait painting is all the same, no matter how long you play with colors strokes. Keep checking famous artist websites and get time to visit art exhibitions, and you will get to know how big names transform great subjects into stunning artworks.