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It is natural to ponder over the existence of portrait paintings. Why do they exist and why are they popular?

We don’t live in 14 – 18th century now – an era where English kings and queens used to give great rewards to people who used to portray their elegance on a particular medium.

This is 21st century now, an era of science and technology. Why are portrait paintings still popular?

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. A Complex Hand Talent

Give a camera to a monkey and he’ll learn to click, in order to take a picture.

Portraying a picture is talent and hard work. You don’t get to learn it, by a trick or two. Numerous educational institutes give lessons about perfecting your hand drawings, all around the world.

When the final output is ready, it is a pleasant sight to sore eyes and people give good money to artists. The only problem is that very few people in the whole wide world can craft a perfect hand commissioned art.

As a result, when these artists portray their art, their paintings are sold like hotcakes in the eyes of their admirers.

Portrait paintings are an exceptional gift, a rare commodity and if you have these in your house, people think that you are a rich cultural person.

  1. A Handy Promotional Tool

Social media marketing is everywhere. It has become so much common, involving technical graphic designers that their products are often looking similar and likewise. This is because of their limited ability to utilize their talent on a particular frame along with some distinct software.

When you compare hand sketching talent with traditional photography, the difference is that there are very few hand sketching artists.

There is also a reason why these portrait paintings are so much popular in contemporary  art and inside portrait paintings Dubai.

The answer lies in “You don’t need skills to craft a straight line with the help of a computer. However, YOU DO NEED skills to craft a straight line without the help of a computer”

  1. Old Is Gold

Yes…Portrait paintings have a rich past and people still like them. In a digital age, people often seek comfort on things which are not digital. (Imagine if you are a very successful corporate personality and sometimes you wish for a vacation, far away from any buzzing technology)

This is just the case of portrait paintings. Vintage painting collection does to mind what a good picnic does to body.

  1. Permanent Art

The thing about photography is that it is volatile. Your memory card may get corrupted over time and your developed pictures are bound to fade.

Portrait pictures are guaranteed to last a very large time on your wall (consider this an infinite time span), provided you maintain them every now and then.

It is high time to check out the contemporary portrait art of award winning artists in Dubai. We guarantee that the presented art will sweep you off your feet.

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