by developer

Ingenious spirits like portrait artists simply cannot hold their horses back. They never surrender to give their audience the pleasure of enchanting artwork. However, artists are humans and can be distracted from their creative paths. For so many reasons anyone can get down and might not be able to spin out more ideas, generate more schemes or to come up with more prospects.

Do not fall into the trap and bring into play the below listed four techniques to keep your creativity alive and rich.

1.    Music is a fun way to awake your senses:

When things turn to feel familiar, that’s the time to show strength and not to give up on your creativity. Have you tried to paint what you hear? Music has all the power to ignite your creative spark. It is a great way to awake your senses and get your inspiration back to express your inner feelings persuasively.

Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944) has revolutionized the creative art world with his abstract art that he truly crafted through music. Listening to music will also help you to practice the mindfulness giving you a new way to approach painting.

2.    Keep developing your creativity sensors:

According to Marshall McLuhan “Artists are the radar of the future.” I wonder to know the happenings if they fail. Creative art is all about learning to see and always willing to feel and never let a great opportunity to slip like sand in your hands.

The best way to keep developing your creativity sensors is to visit leading- edge art exhibits and also the famous artist websites. Go and meet trend-setting artists and try to find their hidden connections to nature and deep insights into creativity.

3. Replenish your creative stock through play:

Yes play either indoor games or sports for which you might have to go out. Outgoing can bring great ideas to add up in your creativity box. Puzzle games are excellent way to sharpen your mind. In order to reload your creativity, you need to liberate your unconscious thoughts for breakthrough insights.

Playing tricky games will open up your receptivity to innovation, imagination and the intuition. Remember, a rational mind is important even for the digital surrealism artists. Creativity and play if go hand in hand, you can easily fill up your arsenal of creative ideas by gaining a lot many new perspectives of life fantasies and realities.

4.  Engage the Cubist perspective to get out of the box:

Artists often stuck in the box and things roll out to be more complicated. What to do then? Get the relief from Picasso and Braque’s invented Cubism concept and squeeze the essence of reducing huge subject matters into the most basic elements including cube, cone and sphere. Now your abstract art will be a great combo of simplicity and complexity.

View the challenges though manifold perspectives in time and space and nurture the spark of new insights and creative ideas.