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In simple terms contemporary art can be described as modern that is being created currently by artists. Portrait art could be acrylic on canvas that portrays something maybe an image of someone or a popular person. Portraiture is a very old art form that dates back to the ancient Egyptian empire where it was widespread. Before photography was invented, portrait art which involved, sculpture, painting or drawn art used be to the only way to keep records of the image or appearance of people.
Portrait art just like other forms of art has greatly undergone a robust transformation and here are some of the five common features of contemporary portrait art:

1. Contemporary portrait art has gone top-notch

In the past portrait art was mostly all about an artist creating a sculpture, drawing, or painting. Today thanks to technology, portrait art has greatly undergone a massive transformation with the coming of photography and there are several digital portrait artists who are thriving at what they are doing. This is not to mean that there are no contemporary portrait artists that still create the conventional paints. We have Suzi Nassif who creates exceptional portrait art done the traditional way. You can sample Suzi Nassif paintings online through her official website page.

2. Modern portrait art have become effective and compelling

Unlike the ancient portrait art that used to be representational of the people it depicted, contemporary portrait art is more than that. The modern portrait art has grown to become more than just visual representation of a person. It is now revealing something that is more about the essence of the person being depicted in the portrait. Contemporary portrait art is complicated and may not have a meaning that is just obvious. It may take the inner thoughts of the art viewer to think deep in order to decipher the innermost meaning of a piece of modern portrait art.

3. Contemporary art is expressionist

The modern portrait art has grown to become expressionist in nature. The art doesn’t necessarily have to look realistic. It all depends on the style that the contemporary portrait artist has decided to go with and this is what will bring the effect that the piece of artwork will have on the viewer.

4. The contemporary portrait art comes in various mediums

It must be noted that the technology that we have today has made it possible for portrait artists to create their works of portraiture on different forms and mediums. Today we have sophisticated portrait artist who are producing their artwork in digital format. There are those who are still creating portraiture in print. Technology has enabled the modern portrait artists to test various mediums which have just helped to enhance portrait art.

5. Contemporary portrait art is seen to be luxurious

Today works of portrait art is regarded as luxury so much more than it was seen in the earlier centuries Portrait art of today is painted for special people, special occasions, or for important people. Today the cost that is involved in creating portrait artwork makes so many people to choose photography instead of hiring a painter.

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