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Any artist can find not only some days uninspiring but also months. However, they can renew their passion by looking at someone else’s work. Salvador Dali’s artwork inspires Suzi Nassif and she gets her imagination triggers from there very often. Even though Suzi is naturally gifted, Salvador Dali paintings fuel her designs and she loves to pay homage to the artist in her portrait paintings. An artist’s imagination can fizzle out but it does not mean they lost their talent. What does Suzi do when she doesn’t find that calling? She knows where to look! There is a story behind her phenomenal pieces of artwork.

  1. The inspiration for digital surrealism

It is interesting to see Suzi Nasiff apply Dali’s surrealist concepts in some aspects of her paintings. Most surrealism artists got influence from Dali’s outrageous works. Salvador Dali tripped ordinary objects of their functions to create abstract images. Suzi highly borrows from the iconic Salvador Dali paintings. She puts some irrelevant objects together to render into her canvases.

  1. Dreams

Dreams are vivid and inspiring.  Artists can sketch some of their interesting dreams of uncreated paintings.  Dali painted his dreams using the Freudian theory. He sifted facts from imagination and painted captivating pieces of artwork. Suzi is a brilliant artist too. She has reached a new level of intellectual maturity which is why in her painting Hagar The Dream Catcher she reveals a strong but rebellious woman who believes in pursuing her dreams.

  1. Exhibitions in galleries

Suzi Nassif just like Salvador Dali makes tireless efforts to promote her artwork through exhibitions in Dubai, Europe, and the USA. Dali together with his wife worked on marketing and connecting with potential buyers of Salvador Dali paintings in both USA and Europe. Dali received many international acclaims before his death in 1989. When Suzi Nassif showcased her artwork at the Art Gallery Dubai and Bal Masque’ exhibitions, most art lovers were left speechless while experiencing her works. During the exhibitions, one of her paintings I am The Master gained massive attention.


  1. Extreme symbolism

Dali coded each element in his work. His paintings were profound, coherent, and complex.  Sometimes Salvador Dali paintings elude his viewers. In the Fallen Angel painting, for example, Dali uses boxes to symbolize memory and thoughts hidden from outsiders even when he gradually turns to ashes. You can understand the true nature of Dali from his paintings. It is important to see Suzi Nassif’s FRIDALISM painting recreating Frida and Dali’s images with strong surrealistic features. The colored roses bring out the beauty of Frida Khalo.

  1. Artistic expressions of Salvador Dali

Suzi has her inspiration for her Dalimmortal painting from the surrealist maestro Dali. In the painting, Dali is having a divine dialog between him and death. Dali made the beauty of unexpected subjects like clocks, eggs, telephone and much more. Salvador Dali paintings are some of the significant work of surrealism artists Suzi Nassif heavily borrows from.

Finally, Salvador Dali inspires Suzi to exploit the juxtapositions with unusual objects. She gets the productive energy when she looks at Salvador Dali paintings. It’s as if Suzi gets a new set of eyes. She can then translate her great ideas into a tangible form.

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