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Oil painting trend dates back to thirteen century and from that time onwards, oil paintings have went through several changes. Nevertheless, these changes are very vital to modern day oil paintings and artworks. Generally oil paintings are easy to handle, but specifically, they also have some difficult stages that give tough time to artists. Therefore, the artists need to be careful with the oil painting so that his creativity must captivate the audience to buy oil paintings. Here are some of the tips and techniques of oil painting:

Be careful with your brush orientation

Oil paintings are usually a blend of sharp and wide strokes of paint brush. You must be very careful while drawing on oil paints because your brush orientation matters a lot to your line creation. You must be aware of your brush orientation and make appropriate line accordingly.

Be careful while applying brush pressure

The sharp and wide lines in the oil paintings further vary with the brush stroke and pressure. If you apply a little pressure to the brush, it will make a sharp line and if you apply little pressure, then it will widen that line. Therefore, you must keep the pressure of your brush according to the demand of your creative ideas and line strokes.

Keep a good blend of painting medium

Oil painting also have the addition of solvents in it. These solvents are used in separate ratios for the modification of paint. This modification of paint help the artist to mold the paint on the canvas according to his demand. You must be careful while adding solvents to the paint because their higher quantity can lower the consistency of the paint and vice versa. An appropriate blend of solvent and oil paint can give beautiful pattern on your oil painting canvas and people would love to buy the paintings you paint.

Keep the colors separate in the palette

You must clean your brushes regularly in order to avoid mixing of the colors. Furthermore, you must keep the colors separate in the palette and do not mix them. Mostly, the colors in the palette are mixed and oil paint is more prone to mixing. Therefore, you must take care of the palette and must try the paint first on rough canvas and then on original painting. People are attracted to buy the paintings that have original colors rather than accidently mixed colors.

Use palette knife effectively

The palate knife is just not used to mix the paint, rather it can also be used to make effective strokes and lines. You must master the techniques to use the palette knife for both purposes. The palette knife will give shape to your colors and also help you to manage the oil paints within the canvas.  Furthermore, you can also use the palette knife to spread colors effectively and according to your needs. Therefore, use the palette knife as an effective tool to manage oil paints on the canvas.

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