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Portrait painting is based on the idea of depicting a human subject. Portrait painting is a term that describes the actual painted portrait. Portraitists are known to create their work by either working as commissioned artists or simply for a private person. Sometimes portraits are created as a memory of a person. If we dwell in the history, we come to know that many rich and famous people have portrait paintings from various artists. But with the passage of time, even middle class started showing interest in commission portraits of their loved ones. Along with painting, portraits have been made in other media for instance etching, photography, lithography and digital media.

Here is a list of famous and brilliant Portrait artists that you must know about:

Lincoln Shatz:

This Chicago based artist has given birth to what he calls “generative” portraiture. Generative portraiture is actually a display of video footage and also a software that consistently re-edits it. Shooting of video is done over a particular time interval and a camera consistently keeps adding a new footage alongside. The work is highly exceptional and worth praising.

Eric Daigh:

Michigan based artist, Eric Daigh makes portraits from office objects such as pushpins and post it notes. His work is highly appreciated in art world as well as corporate sector. The work is highly creative for sure. For all the contemporary artists interested in portrait painting, this work is something you all must learn and take inspiration from.

Bryan Lewis:

Two decades before, Bryan Lewis determined to make a self-portrait every single day of his life. No one knew he would actually live up to the commitment done to himself. The portraits were created exhibiting different expressions and states of mind. Although every portrait cannot be accessed online but the artist has albums in various themes.

Andrew Myers:

Screw art is not only an attitude but a style. Andrew Myers is brilliant and highly talented artist who makes use of thousands of screws along with phone book pages and oil paint to create exceptional 3D portraits along with dramatic shadows. He does so by first digging the screws into plywood and then painting them one head a time. The result is surely nothing else but a master piece.

Miguel Endara:

The phenomenal portrait artist, Miguel Endara is known for ink drawings. While the paintings are brilliant even at a distance, observing them closely will show you how brilliant the artist is. He makes use of stippling which is using millions of tiny dots in order to create tone and texture. He claims to be creating 4.25 dots every second.

These portrait artists are famous because they created a differentiation in their style and told the world that there is no harm in experimenting.