by developer

“Every time I pass near a blank canvas I feel something explode inside of me. It is not something I can explain or pass on to someone else…but it is, always, a beginning of a new creation.” Osnat Tzadok

Flare of Abstract Art:

Unlike the portrait paintings containing objective realities, abstract art is all about the interior vision. It needs extra concentration to discern what the artist wants to say. As a child, I used to do pencil sketching and draw a lot many random lines, shapes and patterns. The wave of happiness encircled my soul on completion. That’s my very first concept of abstract stuff. And, I think this is why, today, I get more attracted toward abstract impressionism whenever I visit any of the famous artist websites or art exhibitions.

Pick any art form, you will find it representational, descriptive and sometimes self-explanatory like the representational paintings created by portrait artists. Abstract artwork, however, is the only thing that gives you unlimited room to enjoy artist’s visual creativity and the fancy of your mind.

Surreal art is much closer to abstract creations when we talk about modern fine arts. But, it is a lot harder to completely understand abstract paintings than representational paintings crafted either by portrait or digital surrealism artists.

In point of fact, abstract artwork transforms and makes voluminous sense that people usually fail to get. Believe me abstract oeuvre talks, but to only those who truly appreciate its essence. Let me tell you the reasons why if feel like abstract art speaks to me.

1. I See My Subconscious Turning Into Reality

From very young age, I find myself attracted toward every other random thing. But that always makes sense to me. Today, when I look at abstract art pieces, I feel like my hidden-self is all in front of me. Not all the paintings do this but those which do so appear to be my own reality.

2.    No Constraints & Rules to Imagination

Abstract art takes me to the world of imagination-source of ultimate pleasure. The process of abstraction significantly appeals to me, for the reason, it seemed less restrictive compared to other painting styles.

I admire the way artists apply some of their own rules and it seems like they have done this for me. I love the balance between reality and imagination and this is what only abstract art does for me.

3.    It Causes Me To Pause And Think

The vibes I get while seeing an abstract print, encourages me to see the unlimited prospects of new ideas. In contrast to other art forms, for me, abstract art is the true source that allows me to build my own perception of anything.

Analogues to a genuine friend, it helps me to shape exclusive observation and opinions of things around me.

4.    It Generates Powerful Emotions

So tempting is the abstract art for a free bird like me. It strongly grabs my attention and pulls my emotional response right from within me.

I don’t prefer to get related to anything or anybody and abstract art gives me that inspiration because there isn’t any restriction in this form art.

5.    It Gives Me Freedom Of Novel Thoughts

I always find free-will in abstract paintings and liberty of novel thoughts. The freedom of creativity is very much obvious in this art form. Artists can play wonders with very few strokes and colors to deliver their beliefs and feelings.

Final Thought

At art exhibitions in Dubai, along with all other fine art forms, abstract art is faculty meant to turn viewers’ heads. Abstract art isn’t for all but those who are sensitive with strong emotions and recognize the visual language of abstract paintings.

Art events in Dubai give the art lovers privilege to take pleasure in great energy, dynamism & artistic change by means of varying art forms from sculptures to portrait and abstract paintings.