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Surrealism can be very deep and quite complicated as it usually portrays a dreamscape. It compels an observer to trigger thought processes and think about the painting. You can simply identify surreal art when you see it. Surreal art aims to express the imagination that is revealed in dreams that defies conscious control of convention and reason. Rene Magritte and Salvador Dali are the best Digital surreal artists who used unusual juxtapositions to create dream inspired images.

Surreal art can sometimes require thought exercises that help in generating masterpieces of surreal art. Here are 5 ways to get surreal art ideas:

Combine a living object with an inanimate object:

You can give eyes to pillars of rock or ears to a tree. This is how you can beautifully give living characteristics to your contemporary art in Dubai or anywhere. This will trigger curious thoughts in the minds of an observer and will make him wonder what it is and in this way you can successfully create effects of dream and can succeed in touching surrealistic note. You can generate one or more surreal paintings through the use of this thought.

Make an object bigger than it is in real life:

In the world of dreams, you can see objects that are of giant size but in reality they are quite small. You can portray a giant ant or leech. This will strike the right chords and the observer will surely transcend into dreamland when he looks at the surreal painting.

Remove any part of a living object:

This works best and you can use any part of the living being such as eyes, nose or ears and remove them from the person. The viewer can instantly notice the missing part and will see things from a very unique perspective. For example, you can remove lips from the face of a person or eyes to create a strange effect. This will create a perfectly surreal image.

Combine a landscape with a living object:

You can personify a landscape that will be fun. There are well known examples such as man in the moon or the lady of the mountain. This idea can be explored with water, cliff faces and cityscapes. You can use hill and portray it as head of creature with big eyes.

Combine a landscape with a technological element:

As the world is at peak of technological advancement, you can cater to technology freaks by combining landscape with technology. This gives you immense ideas. You can use technological gadget to combine with landscape and get the perfect surreal effect as a result.

Hence, Digital surreal art is quite interesting and once you know how to get there, you can easily come up with your own unique surreal art paintings that will mesmerize the readers.


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