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Art is an integral part of society, commonly viewed as a picture in a gallery, art comprises of the print on coffee mug, the accents on your bathroom slippers and the logo on the laptop. In this post, I shall explain why I think art is an essential part of our lives.

  1. Improved critical thinking:

Buying or producing art requires a rigorous thought process. When buying art, we analyze the piece and try to understand the concept behind it. The viewer and artist employ such tools as logic and perception to scrutinize the artwork while also later defending our choices and interpretations. These are the fundamentals of critical thinking and improve one’s analytical skills.

  1. A global language:

Unlike other dialects, art has always been universal while also being seamlessly expressive of cultural and ethnic disparities. We can achieve a better understanding of past and present-day culture through art. There are no impediments lingual or geographical in this discipline. Art transcends all cultural and time barriers, which is a powerful tool that eases communication and understanding.

  1. Improved quality of life:

Art incorporates beauty into society, making our workplaces more interesting and homes increasingly personalized to reflect our unique tastes and preferences.

Either consciously or subconsciously we surround ourselves with art, from our printed scarves to the floral tablecloth and the pastel bedspreads to the sculptures in our living rooms. Art is such an integral part of our lives that we are not even aware of the extent to which it is integrated into our surroundings. While art may not be essential to life, it certainly helps form an atmosphere we want to live in.

  1. Inspiration:

Art is known to be highly motivating, be it in the form of a positive quote or a picture that provokes contemplation. This is why art has gained popularity in contemporary artwork environments, in addition to providing a refreshing change of scenery to the traditionally dreary workplace, art invites ideas and increases the productivity of the employees. Hence, it isn’t uncommon to find artwork in the corporate environment.

  1. A unique record of history:

History, like art, is imperative to humanities. While a straightforward approach to history may involve the study of dates, names and other details, art provides a unique perspective with which we may interpret the past era. It depicts the impact of past events in people’s lives and extensively catalogues the evolution of culture. This artistic catalogue of history helps us better analyze the impact of art events on ethnic and global culture, a standard example of this would be the renaissance which is famous for its artistic progress.

  1. Increased self-awareness:

In an era of abrupt decisions and fragmented observations, art allows us to leisurely experience our sentiments and collect our thoughts. Viewing art intensifies our sentiments which in turn help us discover and understand our emotions. Interpreting feelings helps us heal, grow and improve ourselves. Hence, art aids personal and professional success by raising our self-awareness.

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