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Creativity is not very common among human beings, everyone is blessed with different abilities which make them unique. Commonly, the word ‘art’ means the piece of work presented in the museum or gallery. It is a way of expressing the feelings and it includes paintings, sculpture, photography, drawing etc. As far as forms of art are concerned, the most popular type is ‘portrait art’.

Almost all around the world, portrait art is recognized and very popular among people. Portrait art means any drawing or painting in which an artist paints the face of any human being. Since ages, the portrait art is recognized by people. The sprouting imaginations of an artist can be seen in the form of a portrait. In today’s world, there are many renowned artists who work hard in the field of portrait art. The quality of portrait art distinguishes the artist from other artists. Some people think portrait art is the best way to preserve anyone’s memories.

contemporary portrait paintings

Owing to globalization, the demand of general public has been changed. They want some new appealing things in the field of portrait art as well. There are six (06) things which should be changed in contemporary portrait art because of the demand of the people, these are as follows:

  • In most of the portrait art, painters avoid painting the smiling faces. They want fully relaxed faces, however, in the contemporary era, there is a need to portray smiling faces because it will create uniqueness in the portrait art.
  • Artists should use objects with the face of human beings. In this way, visual clues will give more attraction to the viewers.
  • In contemporary life, people want some new things just like an unfinished face in a portrait attracts more as compared to complete face.
  • Some artists still use dark colors in their portraits, instead, they should promote strange and surprising colors which enhance the viewers’ attraction.
  • Although, the invention of cameras has decreased the importance of portrait art, but still people like to see their real faces in form of portrait. To make it more visible, an artist should use every scar, wrinkle, and dimple in the painting.
  • The typical feeling-less portraits of a face should be changed into a face with half body and background objects.

Flawless and good featured painting is something that highlights the capability of a portrait painter. The capturing of the human face is always fascinated by artists. Portrait art has enriched our lives and it’s a reflection of our feelings. It articulates the inner feelings and expressions of an artist. In the past, unusually, an artist used to paint renowned personalities’ faces in the form of a portrait.

Now, the digital cameras have changed the trend of the portrait. People want some new innovations in the portrait art. Moreover, this field needs to be revamped otherwise technological gadgets would replace the portrait art. To make its existence forever, contemporary artists should introduce new innovative ideas for the progress of this field. All in all, everything needs change because it’s in human nature they want new ideas and things. In the case of portrait art, artists have to transform their skills for the betterment of this field.


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