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Abstract art is the most popularly used art form to add aesthetic tone to your home décor or to bring aesthetic appearance to your workspace etc. Beautiful abstract pieces are also purchased for gifts to the loved ones. This elegant art style has no definite subject but apparently the random strokes of colors, collection of shapes or objects. Overall, it’s hard to define, label or interpret an abstract art. Everyone comes with his own perspective.

The moment you step in the world of art, there is no way you will not come in contact with abstract artwork. Abstract art Dubai is on the high rise and competing the world like never before.

If you are planning to buy few abstract paintings to make any space you live in more artistic, you can check art galleries in your nearby area or get online from famous artist websites. But, is it enough to just visit any store or art gallery? The most effective way to get the right abstract piece, for your home, office, spa, restaurant, club or anywhere you want, is to know about this art form in depth. The abstract style of art splits into following types with varying characteristics.

  1. Cubism:

This is the most influential visual style of abstraction originated in early 20th century. Characterized by symmetrical figures, subjects are closely analyzed by the painters, usually from various angles, so as they can split them into the geometric abstract form. These type of paintings range from partially to fully abstract.

This abstract art form emphasis on colors and light while forms are abstracted by means of analytical approach. Famous artists include Pablo Picasso, Jean Metzinger, Georges Braque, Robert Delauney and Fernand Leger etc.

  1. Neo-Plasticism:

Developed by Piet Mondrian, this art style is the manifestation of the absolutes of life without the involvement of any specific subject. Coupled with primary colors, painters make use of vertical and horizontal lines with filled spaced using grey, white and black tones to portray their feels and thoughts on the canvas.

  1. Abstract Expressionism:

Its factually an art movement emerged after world war two with development patterns tracked back to New York during 40s. Spontaneity factor is very obvious in these paintings along with the hue of emotional intensity. It is often found analogues to gesture paintings but with little rebellious and anarchic feel in their composition.

This style involves artist’s spontaneous expression with intense color and solid brush stroke. Color field and action painting falls under abstract expressionism. Famous artists include Jackson Pollock and Mark Tobey etc.

  1. Lyrical Abstraction:

Like the name, this art style is softer and more romantic in nature. No tension, no drama but only the contended and relaxed feel but certainly with the spontaneity and randomness-the basic of abstraction.

Famous painters of this style include Paul Jenkins, Sam Francis, Joan Mitchell and Pierre Soulages etc.

Now as you know how to differentiate in different kinds of abstract art, it would be easier for you to buy abstract expressionism art or any other form. It all depends on your personal preference and the type of environment you need to beautify with abstract piece of art.


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