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Abstract art is the expression of ideas and thoughts using the visual language of color and shape to convey the message. Sometimes the forms used in the abstract art have no resemblance or existence in the real world at all. It is said that abstract art is the depiction of an idea from inside the artist’s mind independent of any laws or rules of conventional painting techniques and mechanisms.

Abstract art is usually related to contemporary or modern art and paintings as well. Although it is not very recent but as compared to the conventional figurative artwork, it is new.

Color and its role:

Since abstract art is dependent on shapes and color so color usage and mixing are vital for powerful expression. The use of color to create shapes to give a unique idea or message is the actual challenge that an artist faces. There are a lot of different types of paints and colors available to choose from. But the easier to use for every artist is the use of acrylic paints. These are very comfortable to use, can be used on a number of surfaces and the colors are available in a wide range and shade palette.

The acrylic artwork is immensely popular among the artists and the collectors equally. From a collector’s point of view, the abstract artwork made using this is more affordable. From the artist’s point of view, apart from personal preference, the acrylic paints are water base, easy to mix and use. The color transformation and finishing are very good in acrylic paints.

Paint mixing basics:

The basic of color mixing in any art class even in primary school starts with the identification of the primary colors. As we all know that the primary colors are three: red, blue and yellow. You cannot make these colors from any other color, however; you can make all the other colors by using these three in different combinations and ratios.

You can make the secondary colors by mixing two of the primary colors. And after mixing the secondary colors with primary and themselves you can create more and more colors and shades.

The Acrylic paints are quick to dry so if you want to mix them and use them then don’t leave your paint brushes lying around. Either clean them or put them in water while working or taking a time out. Also, you can add water to the paints while mixing them; this will make the mixing easier.


To make your color a bit lighter in shade, mix it with white paint. This is called tinting your color. But do remember that each color has a limit to how lighter you can make it. If you see the color wheel, you will see that the pure color from the left side starts getting lighter till it becomes white at the end on the right side. This actually shows how tinting is done.


Similarly, to darken a pure color, black color is added to it. As the color is added the gradient becomes darker till the color becomes a complete black.

Using the color wheel can show how to mix different colors to get other colors.


Mixing and creating different color combination by using acrylic paints help create a more vibrant and appealing art pieces especially abstract artwork.

Contemporary art in Dubai is a new rage. There are a lot of art galleries adding them to their display. Contemporary art has attracted more and more collectors to come and enjoy the wonderful artwork on display in Dubai.

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