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Have you ever viewed a painting or sculpture and your reaction to it is either positive or negative? Most people are not familiar with paintings when they see them. If you visit an art gallery can you identify an impressionist art? In Dubai for example, contemporary art in Dubai exhibitions is a place for artists to reflect their current issues and practices. The exhibitions make their voices heard in a changing political and social climate.

Are contemporary artists using abstract impressionism art to express their mental focus on acumen and inner passions? Abstract impressionism art has influenced both fashion and furniture designs. There is no doubt abstract art has profound effects on modern design tendencies.

This group of abstract impression Artists who are grounded in personal effect with certain things in common wanted to break away from the traditional method of painting. The artist decided to “go against the grain” for the love of painting. So, don’t be left behind as we look at some of the characteristics of their work.

Characteristics of an impressionist artist

An artist focuses on spontaneous brushstrokes and vibrant colors. The brush strokes are distinctive. The brushstrokes are visible, loose and large. But that’s not all the artists’ work faster outdoors unlike traditional painting which was done in studios. Besides, the artist in their composition adds physical barriers like balconies in their subjects. Impressionist lines are blurry with a foggy effect.


The artists love to watch light reflect in the water. Also, as light penetrates through the mist. Light is used as an underlying principle of appearances. Some of the impressionist masterpieces of light include “The Bridge of Maincy” by Paul Cezanne. While painting Impressionist artists try to capture the impression of light in the scene the artist uses vibrant colors to emphasize the details rather than the object.


The artists introduce the daily subject in their modern art paintings for sale rather than focusing on traditional themes like religious subjects.


The abstract impressionist uses vibrant colors in modern art paintings for sale because they view 19th Century colors as too dark. They prefer the spectrum colors like crimson, violet, blue, yellow, orange, violet for color mixing. The artists are not intellectual in painting but rather intuitive.

Here are some of the abstract modern art paintings for sale:

  • Framed prints
  • Canvas Prints
  • Acrylic Prints
  • Wood Prints
  • Greeting cards
  • Throw pillows
  • Posters
  • Metal Prints
  • Art Prints

Exclusive to Dubai

Dubai city is quickly transforming itself into one of the most vibrant art scenes in the world where both upcoming and established artist exhibit their pieces. In as much as the art galleries are not as easy to spot as restaurants or shopping malls contemporary art in Dubai is a bubbling vibrant community where artists share their hopes and dreams. The residents have an opportunity to see contemporary art in Dubai in certainly dedicated galleries such as the “The Third Line” Al Quoze 3, along street 6. Dubai provides political safety for the network of patrons and artists who come from several parts of troubled Middle East.

Finally, the contemporary impression artists want to show life they live in small encounters. It is about the life they live in impressions and what their eyes take in a glance. The aim of the artists is to paint instances of life in true essence. Impressionists are a movement wanting to free themselves from preconceived ideas and change the way life is seen and depicted.


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