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There appears to be an emerging activity of art and culture in Dubai where the city has  now become  a popular hub due to its new attractions such as the new art galleries in Dubai , art fairs, portrait  artists and other art events in Dubai .Owing to this growth in the art scene, the  number of art patrons and collectors have also grown . The painting  exhibition  in Dubai showcase the  artwork of the Dubai based artists  and also of the other artists belonging to different parts of  Middle East and from the other countries.

The efforts of the UAE government are a great initiative  towards promoting art and fostering the local artist aptitude . This has allowed the emergence of excellent artists whose work is now getting displayed in not just the art galleries in Dubai but also in several other world class art galleries. The promotion of art through art exhibitions  has indeed benefited the rich collectors who value the  innovative artistic traditions. The members of the most prominent Emirati families have a lot of private art collections of immense value. So this all has contributed to the success of many commercial art galleries in Dubai that create a circle of the artistic prosperity aiming  to promote it as  the most important art industry of the world.

To attract the  global relevance using a  strong regional foundation of its own, the Art Dubai acts as a host for the regional exchange and also for the  interaction in the field of art. It works as a key draw for the international institutions, the curators and also the collectors. Due to the increasing  popularity of this art platform, more than  500 artists( where over half of them are from Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia) participate each year  in the art events in Dubai  and  exhibit  their work in the art galleries in Dubai .

The booming art market in Dubai  has had a remarkable impact on the careers of the few established Emirati artists including Hassan Sharif, who is today acknowledged as one of the  leading figures in the UAE art field. Sharif  recalls the public reception of his first show in the year 1976, where an exhibition of his caricatures was held at the Dubai National Library due to lack of availability of another suitable venue. At that time, the public was not only unprepared for what they saw but  were even outraged by it and asked for the dismantling of his show.  However, Sharif  remained persistent with his profession and went on to study contemporary art in  United Kingdom and  returned to Dubai to practice his art and  to establish  art institutions for training and mentoring the  young Emiratis. The efforts by Sharif and many other artists like him added to the  initiatives taken by the UAE government to promote art and culture in UAE.This led to making art a rather  commercial affair in this region that made it not just a marker of the growth of contemporary art in this region but a catalyst for its future development.

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