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Dr. Alexandra MacGilp said, while talking about her impression of UAE art scene, “There is a lot of energy and ambition and a strong desire for exchange. It is notable that women are running the show as artists, curators and gallerists.”

Famous artists in Dubai are always in search of new ideas and inspirations while the art events in Dubai keep on exposing the new talent especially with Arab background. In art exhibitions often held in lovely city of Dubai, not only the fine art lovers get delighted but these events also bring great exposure to the majority of the portrait artists.

Artists Getting Exposure from Art Galleries in Dubai:

Art gallery system is reaching at remarkable popularity level in Dubai, UAE. It is rigorous and extremely supportive to offer exposure to majority artists and their innovative projects. To make it clear, let’s have a look how Dubai art events accept and introduce the artists from around the world.

The French Art Gallery and The Courtyard painting gallery Dubai has provided a pretty good coverage to Suzi Nassif-modern portrait artist from Lebanon. Art galleries in Dubai are actually the source of encouragement to paintings experts in general and new artists in particular.

Another example is of Elias Zayat. She is Syrian and going to exhibit her artwork at Green Art Gallery Dubai in mid-September, 2015.

This gallery is famous as an accommodating platform for multi-generational mix of artists. For instance, Hale Tenger (Turkey), Kamrooz Aram (Iran) and Shadi Habib Allah (Palestine) showcased their artwork in this gallery. In 2012, Seher Shah from Pakistan, Alessandro Balteo from Venezuela and Zsolt Bodoni from Hungry were added to the represented artist list at Green Art Gallery Dubai.

Ayyam Gallery in Dubai, has broadened its roster of artists from Syria to Middle East countries and Gulf region. It is a creative heaven for modern to contemporary artists. Some of its exhibiting artists for Art Dubai Fair in 2016 include, Safwan Dahoul, Mouteea Murad and Sama Alshaibi etc and represented artists are Sadik Kwaish Alfraji, Tammam Azzam, Mohammad Bozorgi and Samia Halaby, to name the few.

Art Exhibitions in Dubai Can Take Your Career to Sky-High

Today, Dubai is a strategic place for artists. The every year held Art exhibitions in the emirate, are the real meeting points where you can share your experiences and knowledge as painting artist. Here you will find the opportunity to talk to many renowned artists, curators and coordinators etc.

Every artist wants to get global fame and to sell lots of his artwork. To achieve this goal, many offers are floating around. For those who want immense exposure should get representation or art exhibitions in Dubai.