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Modern paintings come in broad array of styles and therefore, an art enthusiast must know all types to get exactly what he wants. What if you want to buy abstract expressionism art but came back home with an impressionist’s painting? This could happen because both forms are as close as twins, but not identical ones.

Modern painters including portrait artists focus more on experimentation with various styles and materials (sand, wood etc) so as to reflect the spirit of modern art movement. Read on to understand modern paintings styles typically based on different art movements.


Surreal art or simply surrealism is the modern painting style that intends to emphasize the subconscious. This art form involves the contrasting or comparing factor and images usually appear in juxtapose to produce dream-like effect.

Valentine Hugo, Max Ernst and Salvador Dali are some of the popular surrealist artists. Suzi S. Nassif also falls in renowned digital surrealism artists from Arab origin.

Abstract Expressionism:

It’s the sub-style of abstract art. Modern paintings produced using this style are emotionally intense. Often the abstract expressionism art appear in close analogy to action or gesture paintings but with a more penetrating and forceful impact.

Fire on Water by Suzi gives a spontaneity-rich rebellious feel. With the simplest color composition, she portrayed an anarchic tone amongst two key elements of Mother Nature.

Pop Art:

Look how illustrative name the ‘pop art’ is. This modern art style, in mid-50, occurred in response to abstract expressionism while flourished in 60’s. Unlike expressionism, it does not draw inspiration from inner self but from commercially popular culture like advertising, comics, movies and also the pop music etc.

It usually revolves around the random subjects of everyday life and is a kind of return to realism. Famous pop art painters include Eduardo Paolozzi, Jasper Johns, Richard Hamilton in Britain, Wayne Thiebaud and Robert Rauschenberg- to name the few.


This modern art styles were originated in France. It is much closer to expressionism but, modern artist attempts to encapsulate the impression of light in painted scene. In addition, this art style is characterized by the thin brushstrokes.

Impressionist painters prefer to paint in outdoor settings. This is to capture the sunlight and also the exact or you can say natural color of their subjects. Some prominent artists include Alfred Sisley, Camille Pissarro, Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas.


In this modern art form, artists take the picture of their desired subjects and then paint them. This painting style is influenced by pop art. It is a kind of reproduction of captured image in any other medium and as realistic as possible.

The modern art painter has to possess advance technical capabilities to imprison photograph’s realism onto the canvas. Hyperrealism is the most advanced form of photorealism but it focuses on inanimate objects and exaggerated shadows.

Final Thought:

To invest rightly, you must go for the art piece that you actually intend to buy. Your job can easily be done if you are knowledgeable about all the modern painting styles. Art events in Dubai are playing significant role to promote modern paintings of artists especially from Arab countries leading to worldwide elevation of artwork Dubai.


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