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Abstract art can be represented in multiple forms such as a painting or a sculpture. The art does not portray a person, place or a thing related to the natural world. One of the unique characteristics of abstract art is that it is quite distinguished from what is known as conceptual realism as it does not depict objects of the natural world either in a melodramatic or a distorted shape.

The idea of abstract art came into force at the apex of 20th century. Initially, it came out as an extraordinary form of the art which broke the chain of traditional art. Exploring colors and forms constitute the very essence of abstract art. The foundations of abstract painting are associated with what is known as post-impressionism-a movement in France that garnered popularity right at the turn of twentieth century. The very idea behind any work relating to the abstract art is not exactly to depict a picture. It touches the atmosphere itself. Abstract art is synonymous with non-objective art.

Dubai and abstract art                                                                                                                  

Dubai happens to be one of world’s finest centers for different sorts of activities related to art and paintings. The abstract style of exhibiting art has been appreciated greatly in the artistic city of Dubai. There are multiple places in Dubai offering astounding pieces of abstract art. Abstract Art Dubai has multiple categories and finest samples to offer to the lovers of the abstract paintings. These are available at considerably lower and affordable rates. The city hosts several internationally acclaimed galleries and artists. All the art houses located in Dubai are managed and run by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in exhibiting the art in the Middle Eastern world. An initiative known as Art Dubai has acquired enormous popularity and success in all of the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia. This great success reflects the rapidly flourishing art culture in these regions.

Award Winning Artists in Dubai

As the city is home to many a globally known art galleries, it has also welcomed numerous artists from around the world whose works have been put to exhibition, gaining much attention and praise from local and international visitors. Here are some of the artists whose works in abstract art have been showcased at different galleries in Dubai.

Suzi Nassif: she currently runs an established gallery- The Art Cell. Her gallery displays an enormous collection of her works at canvas. Her works include, but are not exclusive to, stunning abstract painting. Her works have been displayed at numerous prestigious art galleries in Dubai. The Lebanon’s artist has been nominated for the prestigious Palm Art Awards 2016. She also won the Universal Artist award in 2015.

Rana Begum: Painter Artist Rana Begum holds degrees in painting and fine arts from world renowned prestigious institutions. Her works have been exhibited extensively in different galleries from around the world. Numerous worthy institutions have acquired Rana’s awe-inspiring works. She has held several solo exhibitions and has also participated in many group exhibitions in different parts of the world. She has been declared the winner of 2017 Abraj Group Art Prize Award.

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