5 Qualities of Highly Creative Portrait Artists-SuziNassif

5 Qualities of Highly Creative Portrait Artists

Creativity plays vital and frontal role in life of portrait artists. To express their artistic taste, they work really hard to mix and match all sorts of apparently inconsistent and conflicting emotions, thoughts, philosophies and personality traits to craft something…

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Offload 5 Art Myths & Be Among Amazing Portrait Artists-SuziNassif

Offload 5 Art Myths & Be Among Amazing Portrait Artists

Misconceptions about art have slayed many creative souls. To keep a creative person away from expressing himself is like killing him with slow poison. All the art myths must be exterminated now that are drilled into one’s head. Here are…

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4 Tips to Keep Your Abstract Art-SuziNassif

4 Tips to Keep Your Abstract Art Moving Forward

Creative art generation is a long term commitment and you might feel stuck in a rut. For the reason that it is an endless cycle wherein you need to paddle persistently or you will be out of the game. None…

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Top 3 Painting and Art Galleries In Dubai-SuziNassif

Top 3 Painting and Art Galleries In Dubai

If you have been to Dubai, you must have heard people saying that Dubai does not have enough cultures to represent, which is not true at all. Although you cannot find as many art galleries here as you can find…

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Surrealist Artists-Surreal Art-Art Galleries in Dubai-SuziNassif

Why Digital Surrealism artists target women in their work?

A peep into the past shows that the scope of surreal art expanded on a diverse  international level at the time of the  literary and intellectual movements that began in  early 20th century which were aimed to  raise voice for…

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art work Dubai, art events in Dubai, art exhibitions in Dubai, painting exhibitions in Dubai, abstract impressionism, abstract art Dubai, canvas painting Dubai, art galleries in Dubai-SuziNassif

The expectations from art and art work Dubai

Dubai has recently become a hub of art and art work. The doors of creativity and rich imagination of the famous artists is showcased through various art events in Dubai. Many art exhibitions in Dubai are now competing at an…

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Famous Artists-Portrait Artists-Abstract Art-Surreal art-YesGulf

The mysterious case of lost Masterpieces of art

Even though massive efforts have been done to seek and recover the most beautiful paintings and sculptures but they do not exist anymore. A few were not protected and got stolen while others were destroyed during wars. Let’s have a…

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Art Galleries in Dubai, art exhibitions in Dubai -SuziNassif

3 beautiful Art Galleries in Dubai that you must visit

If you are a resident of Dubai or some outsider wanting to explore the beautiful and happening city, you must consider visiting these 3 art galleries in Dubai and I must admit that your visit to the city will not…

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painting gallery Dubai, artwork Dubai, famous artists Dubai-SuziNassif

Experience the variations in art at the painting gallery Dubai

In Dubai, one may often hear that there is not enough culture from both the visitors as well as the residents. But it is not 100% true, as the painting gallery of Dubai and the arty events being arranged here provide ample…

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Enjoy the chirpy art scene at the art galleries in Dubai

We know that the heritage and culture is the core of the national identity of UAE. This is why it is deemed important that there has to be a deep awareness about the need to preserve its culture that forms…

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