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Rise of ethnicity in the world of abstract art

Abstract art has always been an essential part in the creation of art, however, the term “Abstract Art” was born almost a century ago. During the last century, the French artist Cézanne reached a conclusion that every person sees the…

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Interesting facts about the Portrait Artist

Developing a Portrait Painting is a special genre in painting that aims to depict a human subject. Portraits are often considered important for state, family records and also for personality remembrances. The Portrait Artists enjoy a special liberty while making a portrait…

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An Interview with the artist Suzi Nassif

An Interview with Suzi Nassif

Koral Dasgupta writes about her meeting with Suzi F Nassif. Let’s see what she has to convey to us after her meeting: The meeting explores Suzi Nassif’s personal life and her inspirations and challenges that she has to face in…

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3 Conditions to Produce Successful Creativity

“There is never a lack of subject matter; just absence of creativity.” Lee Hammond Modern art creativity is to make or craft something innovative, unusual and useful. Creating art might be reflected as relaxing endeavor but it is quite challenging…

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Interesting Facts about Famous artists that you never knew

From digital surrealism artists to abstract art, we can find mesmerizing artwork from famous artists but a very few of us know facts about the famous artists behind those paintings. Let us explore the artists and find out interesting facts about…

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Surreal Artists

Surreal Art: An art beyond imagination

Surreal art aims to express, through verbal or written expression, the real function of thought and imagination. It is dictated by the absence of a control which is put forward through a reason, but is outside the traditional aesthetic or…

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4 Ways to Foster Your Sparkling Creativity

Ingenious spirits like portrait artists simply cannot hold their horses back. They never surrender to give their audience the pleasure of enchanting artwork. However, artists are humans and can be distracted from their creative paths. For so many reasons anyone…

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surreal art-Its impact and it’s future

“For me, surrealism is in my blood; it’s not an effort”-Alejandro Jodorowsky The term surrealism was coined by a French writer and art critic, Guilaume Apollinaire. He used Surrealism for the first time in his art play “The Breasts of…

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Dubai offers multiple platforms to surreal art

Just recently, Dubai showed the world how seriously it takes art with its first 3D art festival in the Middle East. It featured incredulous surreal art works that appeared to rise from the ground and were all created with chalk…

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5 Ways to Keep Your Creative Art Milestones on Track

If there is no art, in my opinion, this world would be the ugliest place in the whole universe. You know why? Artists take inspiration from the nature and ‘no arts creation’ means there is nothing worthy and notable in…

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