Ideas for Abstract Painting-SuziNassif

Ideas for Abstract Painting

In the modern era of today, if you want to enter in the world of painting, you can effectively make it through the popular art form of today known as abstract art. This particular art form is considered to be…

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Creative Art vs Digital Art-digital artists -SuziNassif

Creative Art vs Digital Art

The comparison between creative art and digital art could very well start from posing a question about the originality of the latter. Can you consider digital art as an art form, which can be used to make illustrious and influenced…

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Art- an Encounter with lost happiness and inner peace -SuziNassif

Art- an Encounter with lost happiness and inner peace

Are doodling, drawing or painting a real mean of happiness? The question is in the air: Is the creative practice of art making us happier? The question is focusing on the relationship of happiness with creative artistic practices. But the…

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Avoid 4 Pitfalls to Create Exquisite Surreal Art-portrait artists -SuziNassif

Avoid 4 Pitfalls to Create Exquisite Surreal Art

‘Paint With the Goal of Perfection’ Life of portrait artists is a heaven. They play with thoughts, refine them, add beauty of colors and talk to people’s feelings with their strokes. Turn the table around and it could be a…

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7 Principles of Design to Strengthen Portrait Artists Skills-famous artist websites -SuziNassif

7 Principles of Design to Strengthen Portrait Artists Skills

Principles of design in fine art provide solid foundation for anything you pick to paint. These are actually the ethics to be followed while creating a work of art, be it acrylic, abstract, digital or surreal art. Good or bad,…

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Mistakes to Avoid in Acrylic Painting-SuziNassif

Mistakes To Avoid in Acrylic Paintings

Many artists who have just started with acrylic painting certainly make many mistakes, which they should avoid in order to create their masterpiece. However, mistakes are part of learning process. In this article, I will introduce to you some common…

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Suzinassif Art gallery-art galleries in Dubai-abstract art-the artist Suzinassif

Digital Art-The New Trend Creating Stir in Art World

Digital art is a work by an artist that makes use of digital technology for instance a work of art that is made with the help of computer or some other digital medium. Digital art comes under the broader term…

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Things to Know About Reverse Glass Painting-canvas painting-Suzinassif

Things to Know About Reverse Glass Painting

In the past few years, reverse glass painting has gained a lot of popularity among artists from all around the world. It is also one of the popular art form used by many artists to create their masterpieces. It is…

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Glass Painting and Types of Paints Used-Acrylic Paints-Painting Techniques-SuziNassif

Glass Painting and Types of Paints Used

Glass painting is gaining a lot of popularity among artists nowadays. It is only because of the reason that it helps the artists to give a life to a glass by adding some beautiful colors. Glasses are very beautiful and…

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abstract painting Dubai

Why You Should Buy Abstract Art Paintings in Dubai?

Art Cell in Dubai is one of the best and artistic places in the world to find the best abstract art paintings. Are you in search for the perfect art pieces of abstract art? If yes, then the best place…

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