Contemporary Art and its Themes

To be sincere defining what contemporary is or what it is not is a point of controversy but it is generally agreed that contemporary art is that which is created by artists in the most recent of years. There is…

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Suzi Nassif paintings

Three Surrealism Artists: Dali, Kahlo, and Suzi

Surrealism is a new phenomenon that took the art scene by storm in the early 1920s. This kind of art is said to have been founded by Andre Breton, a renowned surrealism artist who thrived at the time. The aim…

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Two Famous Stars in Suzi’s Art: Hallyday and Freddie Mercury

Suzi Nassif is famous for her impressive works of art including pop art portraits. Indeed she has created some marvelous works of art depicting some other artists who left a mark in the world. Well, she has done pop art…

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Lina in Wonderland by Suzi Nassif

Famous Pop Art Paintings by Suzi Nassif

Famous Pop Art was displayed in Suzi Nassif's recent exhibition at Mina Brasserie in Four Seasons Hotel in DIFC Dubai. The exhibition was entitled, Visages. It was organized on 18th of March 2019. That Suzi Nassif is one of the…

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5 Acrylic Painting Techniques You Should Know

Learning new acrylic painting techniques helps any artist to become better no matter whether one is a novice in painting in acrylics or an experienced acrylics artist. For this reason, it makes sense for strategic artists to be able to…

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Symbolism in Pop Art

What is pop art? Pop art is a movement of art that emerged in the UK and the US during the mid to late 1950s. This art movement was dominated by young artists of the time who were kind of…

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Women in Suzi Nassif Paintings

Suzi Nassif, has over the years chosen to paint portraits that speak in full expressions the concealed thoughts and her aspirations. As one of the famous modern portrait artists of our time, Suzi Nassif has given birth to paintings that…

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Portrait Art Styles – Understanding Works of Portrait Artists

Art has been around for a long time and artists keep evolving, keeping the art lovers on their toes. Over the years, what great art means have been defined and re-defined with great artists coming to the forefront, not afraid…

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The Colors of Iris by Suzi Nassif

Know Iris Apfel

An American business woman, fashionista and interior business woman born in Astoria Queens New York, Iris Apfel has defied and keeps defying the fashion world. Her style is eclectic and very unique. Singlehandedly, she’s been able to redefine the way…

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Salvador Dali Artist

11 shocking Facts you did not know about Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali is one of the most famous Spanish painters who is well known for surrealist paintings. It is not uncommon for famous artists to have dark secrets and interesting lives and Salvador Dali is no exception. Below are 11…

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