Suzi Nassif paintings

How to prepare canvas for acrylic painting on canvas

For artists, one of the most important tools of their trade is the canvas. Apart from the brushes and paints (oils or acrylic), canvas is also quite important, for without a canvas, real work will be difficult to do. A…

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Contemporary Art Trends Artists are following in 2018

What do symbols in Dali’s art reveal?

If you are a fan of Dali and you have been seeing him in Suzi Nassif paintings you must read this article. Dali uses arbitrary things such as telephones, clocks, and bicycles to produce his artwork. The symbols represent both…

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Kawalees George

George Khabbaz And His Contributions To Art And Literature

Georges Khabbaz’s contributions to art and literature are immense proof of his diverse energies. His works are universal. You can associate them with anyone in the world. Although Khabbaz began his literature as a hobby which grew to become a…

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Adam and Eve Suzi Nassif Painting

Acrylic Painting Techniques

Acrylic painting is a new wave of an innovative way of painting. Artists of all genre quickly adopted acrylic painting techniques when they were first introduced in the art scene in the 1900s. Acrylic painting techniques produce desirable masterpieces in…

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New murals by Suzi Nassif invite creativity

What makes surrealism artists so different?

Surrealism was an art movement founded by Andre Breton in the 1920s. Andre adopted the word surrealism from a writer Guillaume Apollinaire, who used the word to describe his ballet.  Actually, it is a cultural movement expressed in a style…

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Famous Contemporary Artists You Must Know

The intent of a portrait artist is to depict a human subject. Portraits have been used to immortalize the rich, powerful, rulers or gods. A portrait artist can look straight into your photos and bring them to life. A portrait…

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Frida Kalo Art Style

Surrealism artists have evolved over the years with the surrealism movement. From the great Frida Kalo who is famously known for her great paintings in surrealism to the modern day Suzi Nassif. Susan Nassif paintings have incorporated the modern surrealism…

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Salvador Dali

What Is Salvador Dali’s Claim To Fame

Salvador Dali gained fame for his flamboyant and provocative persona, making his paintings interesting. As a 3-year-old Salvador Dali was an artistic inspiration. Although he was perceived as smart, he was also a spoilt and an arrogant child Creating sensation…

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Surrealism Art Characteristics

Although some may think Surrealism is simply one more form of art, it's really a social development that was communicated through art, writing, and even legislative issues. WWI profoundly affected Europe, and numerous individuals trusted that the contention was an…

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Ida by Suzi Nassif

Women in paintings by Suzi Nassif

Do you know that paintings by Suzi Nassif endorse several women? You may think that she can relate to women because she is a woman herself? It is a fine myth but not the whole story. The beautiful Suzi Nassif…

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