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Contemporary art has become a thing in Dubai in recent years. In the world of contemporary arts, Suzi has proved herself to be most talented and remarkable artist of present. Lebanese by birth, Suzi has placed her roots deep in UAE and has been startling the world through her art and ideas of feminism and freedom. She has a unique way to engage people with her art by putting life into her paintings. Apart from her ability to perform with colors, she also has verified herself to be a black and white artist.

Suzi has accomplished and achieved a lot in field of arts. Award winning artist has made her way to exhibit her astounding art multiple times. She has held exhibitions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and have made remarkable success. However, her name is not confined to Middle East only; she has been recognized as well-known contemporary artist all around the world.

Recently, Suzi was chosen to be “Witch of Portobello” in the book “Women & Art” by Monica Merqiu’s. This title is very much honorable for Suzi as it pays tributes and highlights women who are making mark in arts in Middle East.

One of her biggest achievements is signing with popular “Arte Collective Gallery” which resides in Miami, Florida. The art gallery provided her the opportunity to display her artwork at Santa Fe Art Fair in 2017. She has already been signed with Art Fusion Gallery that is also based in Miami. Adding to her triumphs, she has won a number of awards including Vera Award, Palm Art Award, Unicef Awards, and The Universal Award.

As the artist keeps on contributing to the art world, she has been working on black and white theme. She is an expert in expressing emotions through her canvas paintings. It is often said that through such art it is not easy to express feelings. However, Suzi has evidenced that colors and brightness is not necessary to convey the required intensity of emotions. Instead, her black and white art speaks louder than other pieces of art. Everyone has a darker side which is his own, which no one else has ever seen. Suzi has explored that darker side of human being in most conspicuous manner. For someone, who understands art, black and white art works well, helping him to come face to face with his fears and sufferings. Also, this art helps develop a particular state of mind and creates a sense of secrecy.

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