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Canvas painting is an ancient art that is being used by masters for many centuries. The painting is lent support by what is known as canvas.

What is canvas?

Canvas is an inordinate and enduring interlaced texture that is used for making marquees, tents, sails and other items that demand a particular level of sturdiness. However, the artists tend to use the canvas for different purposes. An artist mainly employs canvas as a painting surface which extends across a frame made of wood.

A blank canvas is an exciting and thought-provoking space for an artist. However, it can be equally stressful. Canvas comes in two different types. It may be pre-stretched or need to be stretched manually. The artists prefer using canvas for a number of reasons.

Receptivity: The canvas is highly responsive to the brush. The fabric allows a smooth and friendly movement to the brush, giving artist the freedom to paint their thoughts into the canvas.

Durability: The canvas enables the painting to remain preserved for a long period of time. And it is due to its longevity that artists prefer to work with a canvas on the frame.

Other modes of creating paintings have also been used by artists occasionally but the canvas eventually outshone them. Traditionally some artists used hardwood panels but they were heavier and more difficult to transport unlike canvas which can be easily moved. Expensive to purchase, canvas is normally made from cotton or linen. The two natural fibers are generally woven and then stretched over a frame. At times, the glue is also used to apply the canvas to the panel.

Canvas paintings are more reliable, durable and longer lasting. They are quite easy to move, carry and transport. Having an oil painting enhances the beauty and impressiveness of your place-be it home, office or any other building!

Buying an oil painting involves a careful planning and consideration of certain factors. Apart from price, here are a few things which you might want to think about while buying an oil painting:

  • Does it make you fall in love with it? Some paintings may appear catchy at first sight but are not normally the ones you want from the depths of your heart. Take a while to decide. Buying in hurry is not often helpful.
  • The time you spent gazing it. The longer you take to gaze at the painting, the stronger the like it indicates you have for the work. It’s like reading great literature. You can read it again and again and still enjoy it like you read it for the first time.
  • Price-base. Before immediately paying for the painting, it is a good idea to take into consideration the history of the seller. You might also want to know the time the artist spent on creating the painting. The qualification background of the seller also matters a lot. There is a good connection between the price of the painting and the educational background of the creator. Some sellers put price through a proper system while some have no system to base their price on.

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