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To be sincere defining what contemporary is or what it is not is a point of controversy but it is generally agreed that contemporary art is that which is created by artists in the most recent of years. There is one thing that is typical of contemporary artists which is that they are working in a world that is globally influenced, technologically advanced and culturally diverse. The modern day art features a mix of methods, materials, concepts and subjects. It cannot be said that contemporary art is uniform like the art scene used to be formerly. In fact contemporary art is highly diverse with many modern artists working with a diverse range of materials, forms, subjects, matter and even periods.

Theme trends in contemporary art

Millions of people around the world have been inspired by a number of modern art movements such as surrealism, cubism, and modernism. All these are characteristic of modern art. Just like any time in the history of art, modern art is just a reflection of how people all over the world are relating to the world around them. Whatever a person sees in a piece of artwork, is usually shaped by that person’s own taste and experiences. Basically when one artist chooses a subject to work on, it could be due to that artist’s own emotional attachment to that particular subject. Or it could be simply just a case of unintentional inspiration from the artist. This is why you will see some themes and subjects in both ancient and contemporary art being used over and over again.

Themes in the portraits by Suzi Nassif

Suzi is one of the best contemporary portrait artists credited to have created lots of contemporary pieces of artwork depicting varied themes. She has exhibited surrealism kind of art, abstract expressionism art and several other themes in her works. She says that she is always motivated to create works of art by just observing gazes and expressions of people from different walks of life. She then recreates paintings that tell their unique stories and then she brings to the fore the inner self those people.

Suzi has painted a new collection of art pieces that revolve around nude surrealism which she sometimes refers to poetic nudity. She says that she delved into this art theme because she has always admired the sensual and poetic way nudity has been portrayed in art masterpieces like the Birth of Venus and La Bella Donna.

That Suzi was inspired by Salvador Dali is no secret and she says most of the surreal art pieces she has created were in fact inspiration she found in the works that Salvador did. Suzi has grown to become one of the best contemporary surreal artists of all time. She has pieces of her works exhibited in various art galleries all over the world.

Final words

One thing however is clear about contemporary art and its themes. Contemporary art is dynamic and will keep on changing thanks to the fact that the modern world is now more culturally diverse, technologically advanced and to some extent free.

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