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Dubai has become the center or hub for a lot of cultural activities including the display of art. In fact, collectors and exhibitors from around the world come for the exclusive programs that Dubai has to offer for the sole purpose of catering to the promotion of art. Contemporary art in Dubai is a well-recognized program. A lot of contemporary art galleries are present where artists from around the world are honored and presented. Contemporary or modern art is not just depicted in the design of the buildings in Dubai or the sculptures present throughout the city but is also boasted within the walls of some of the amazing art galleries.

Acrylic Painting:

Acrylic is the form of paint that is fast drying and extremely popular among young artists especially doing abstract work. Acrylic paints can be used with oil and water base techniques and this defines the material of the surfaces used for this type of painting. This amazing paint is and can be used on wood, canvas, paper and cloth.

The paper used for acrylic painting is especially pressed paper and most of the artists prefer it. The texture of the special paper is embossed and gives the finishing of an actual canvas. This has made painting easier to learn for new artists and students.

The canvas used for acrylic paints is stretched cotton and the colors are displayed in a very attractive and bright finish when used on this canvas.

Other than this canvas board and non-greased leather as well. The paint can be lightened with mixing water with it as the base is water soluble but as soon as it dries, the paint becomes waterproof and gives the outlook of oil paint.


Techniques used in the contemporary or abstract art using acrylic paint are quite a few but the more modern and popular one is called the surreal art. This form of contemporary art can be defined as surrealism. It is the depiction of visual imaginations and dreams. The bright colors and finish of acrylic paints make this type of art very expressive and attractive.

This very visual and meaningful abstract form of paintings is like its name; a mixture of fact and fantasy. These contemporary paintings are very popular, especially among the young generation. This type of art revolves around a central idea or a message conveying what the artist had in mind and wants others to understand. Understanding such art usually requires a vivid imagination and usually these paintings hold more than one meaning. If we say that it hold different meanings for different people, it won’t be an exaggeration.



Oil painting on canvas is an old age technique to present one’s thoughts and ideas in the form of art. Acrylic painting is relatively new to be used by artists but it is very popular for surreal contemporary art.

Canvas paintings made by different artists is always on display in art galleries in Dubai. Dubai has been very encouraging and accommodating for young and famed artists alike. All the galleries that display abstract art provide an opportunity for art collectors to purchase affordable as well as expensive art pieces.

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