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The term “contemporary art” is about art made and produced by artists living today. Today’s artist’s work is an inspiration of many factors including globalization, technology advancement, and cultural differences. Working on a bit different range of medium as compared to traditional art work, the contemporary artist reflects the modern aspect of society. In the early 20th century, some artists have turned away from realistic depiction of art work and moved rapidly towards abstract art work.

The contemporary artist uses a variety of vocabulary abstract art and representation to convey its ideas. Contemporary portrait art is flourishing around the Middle East. From Dubai to the smallest state of the United Arab Emirates, galleries and museum are growing day by day. The work of these artists is a dynamic combination of methods, concepts and subjects that encounter traditional boundaries.

In a culturally focused, internationally diverse and technologically advance society of Dubai, contemporary art gives voice to the changing landscape of believes, ideas and values. The role of the contemporary audience is importing in building a positive role of artwork in society. Some artists believe that viewer’s contribution of his/ her personal reflections, experiences and interpretations completes the artwork.

Middle East reproduces a wide range of materials, media as well as the opportunity to think what art is and how it is defined. Famous artist websites today explore concepts, ideas and practices the work that defines the past and imagine future. Dubai hosts several international art fairs including abstract art and contemporary art. Art Dubai and Sikka Art fair are the major Art events in Dubai.

Over the last few years, there has been a rapid increase in art galleries coming from local and regional artists that has transformed the perception of Dubai as mall obsessed city into a flourishing cultural city. Big art events are yearly held in UAE such as Art Dubai, Sharjah Biennial that play a characteristic role of cultural development in Gulf region.

The Art Dubai festival takes place at Madinat Jumeriah (in every march). It was the first contemporary Art festival of Dubai. The 2009 Art Event hosted almost 70 galleries of artwork of different kinds from Middle East, Europe, Asia, Australia, North and South America including Modern Art.

One of the prominent achievement of this year art work in UAE was the addition of Modern Section in Art Dubai. 15 artists in total displayed the contemporary Art work in this event. Contemporary art in Dubai and Islamic countries are still largely absent form of art history. It is quite interesting to note that some foreigner artists have played active role in this contemporary Art exhibition. Contemporary painters from Lebanon, Egypt also depicted work. This art helps in creating a better community to live in by providing a key element of life. This type of art is more realistic. It helps to increase the economy of country by increasing number of visitors. Therefore, do visit upcoming events of contemporary art and experience a different kind of art work.


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