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Art trends keep changing each year and 2018 is no different from the previous years. In fact online art sales have grown tremendously. From the value of just $1.57 billion back in 2013, the online art market has grown to over $3 billion in just the past two years alone and is expected to hit over $9 billion by the end of the decade. Contemporary art in Dubai has also not been left behind in the growth. In fact art in Dubai is on a steady rise and the artists there stand to benefit greatly from the windfall.

Below are some of the art trends artists are following in 2018 that will make this year so very different from what you have witnessed in the scene of art for the past years.

Trends in visual art

Every other year contemporary portrait artists from across the globe are actively working out ways to discover the kind of colors that appeal to the audience. The work has borne fruit and the color apparently has been revealed to be ultra violet. There are of course other bright colors such as think pink, aqua and mint that are expected to shine this year. These are the colors to look out for this year if you are an artist or art lover. These colors make artwork on canvas paintings look exquisite and superb.

Trends in 2D

Wall art is extremely popular now and particularly this year and this can be attributed to the recent rise in interest in mixed media. Now, more and more people are turning to the use of mixed media to help spice up their homes. All these mean one thing for contemporary artists – more money. They are now rushing to embrace this new concept which involves painting and photography, and surreal scenery. All these are the new trends of art taking shape this year that every art lover or artists should not ignore at all this year.

More art lovers are expected buy art pieces and take them to other spheres and grow their understanding of the world of art. What this means is that there will be an increase in demand for 2D pieces of art work and artists will be trying this year to capitalize on this. Expect to see more and more artists from various backgrounds trying their luck on 2D artwork.


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