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Moved into a new space or perhaps you have been there for long, in either case it is important to perk it up with modern decor elements. You can go conventional, but contemporary style appears more cozy, appealing and encouraging. Contemporary portrait art brings a cozier feel and gives your home a pleasing character.

Give your guests a perfect treat by adding interest and character to a space, be it your entrance hallway, living room or bedrooms etc.

So you decided to decorate your home with modern art. Perfect!

In a fix, where to begin? Let’s start with the basics.

Modern art roots back in the 19th century. At present, it’s a kind of artistic expressions celebrating the changes brought about by the technological advancements. For instance, digital surrealism is in vogue and so is the contemporary portraiture.

A number of different mediums coupled with unique textures, built through found objects, or embroidered or a kind of graffiti and many others, are now used as a norm in modern artwork. Thread wrapped around nails is another famous technique to create portraits. No paints and brushes required, but just innovation.

The contemporary portrait artists are not constrained by certain traditional expressions and styles. Then why you to go after typical, customary interior decoration?

Enlisted below are a few ideas to give your home interior an eye-popping look.

  • The simplest of all is to display a big-sized family portrait in your living room and each member’s portraiture in his room.
  • You can either use canvas wrapped photographic prints, or if affordable, you can hire an artist to paint your family. It’s a hard-won game. The best and easy way if to use posed photos for portrait paintings in the medium and texture of your choice.
  • In the guest room, you can create an art wall gallery. For this, you can make use of different, modern-style portraits. Pop art portraits of your beloved celebrities crafted in bold and colorful techniques, is indeed a cool idea to follow.
  • Abstract contemporary portraits of iconic personalities, you often drive an inspiration from, in mixed media will add a more amazing factor to the space. Take this idea to your home office.
  • A blend of contemporary paintings and 19th-century European portraits is another wonderful idea to pick for your hallway.
  • For bedrooms, you can also build the ambience with pop art effect. You can add a bit of zing using wall art or wallpapers complementing the contemporary portrait art hanging there. As said earlier, the fantastic idea is to fix the portraits of your family members in their respective rooms.
  • Use bold and sharp colored portraits at spaces with light tones and vice versa.
  • For larger areas, think of putting large-size portrait artwork complementing the decor accessories around, such as metal or glass objects on corner tables and patterned cushions on the sofa, to add a lived- in look.
  • You can have sleek wall-shelves anywhere in your home to place your desired contemporary portrait art pieces. For a modern display, place them asymmetrically and at different heights.
  • You can adorn the walls with geometric-style portraits of animals or self-portraits of your favorite artists or any inspirational personality you get motivation from.

Oh! I missed the kitchen and dining area. Not exactly…How about using food portraits there? (wink). Well, my suggestion is to bring the diversity here and use surreal or abstract artwork instead of your grand mum’s portrait who was the best chef in your clan.

Last but not the least, try to combine the exquisite, the rare and the enchanting paintings of portrait artists and you wouldn’t need anything else for your interior decor.

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