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The comparison between creative art and digital art could very well start from posing a question about the originality of the latter. Can you consider digital art as an art form, which can be used to make illustrious and influenced images using different computer applications? The answer is positive as for its widespread use in various media today and it highly involves the element of creativity and use of various principles of art and design.

Characteristic Abilities

Creative arts has presented the complete outcome based on the characteristic abilities of the designer without any fabrication or fine-tuning. This form of art made it possible for the art lovers to see the skills of the designer in terms of his knowledge of patterns and strokes as well as his expertise in the particular form of art. Designer’s characteristic abilities were the only tools that he used to establish artefact in an artistic manner. However, the digital artists will have to decide to make an outline of their desired artistic design and then make changes in it as they may desire. Various computer graphic application allows the designer to make changes in structure, color and even in design respectively.

A Challenge to Mental Abilities

The creators of the creative or conventional art had to challenge their mental capabilities to reach their masterpiece, which will be impeccable in terms of depth and design. The scope to blunder did not exist unless the new pattern made an invention in the art form. However, digital art allows the creator the option of perfection and correction of their design easily. Using various pertinent applications, the creator has the ability to change as much as eighty percent of their image using pertinent applications.

Originality in Pictures

By the use of creative or conventional arts, the designer was able to make one masterpiece of his creation after several months of hard work. The time, energy, the thought and the effort that went into the creation of a classic masterpiece, which is original and one of a kind. Each masterpiece in creative art will be different and could not be replicated completely by the designer using creative art form. However, with the help of digital art, making number of copies of masterpieces is easy. Once an art piece is converted into a soft copy, the designer will be able to make infinite number of copies. It is due to the reason that soft copy will allow the designer to edit and fine tune its masterpieces.