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Art is not just holding a brush and painting something. Art has many faces and many types, if you actually go on and try to read about it you will probably have to read tons of books to know about it all. Van Gogh is one name that everyone associates with art but how many can tell what art did he used to create? Was it modern or was it classical this is one question that the general public cannot answer most of the times. But guess what, if you just know it once you will remember it for your whole lifetime.

Modern and classical art today can be distinguished just by one glance at the art. Modern usually is what that the educated, open-minded artists of today’s generation associates themselves with and the classical art was what the artists in the olden days used to create. And for obvious reason the difference between the two kinds of art is vast. In fact it is not just the style of art that has changed but also the quality of the color, the material used in the art, everything has changed. The classical art is more relatable than the modern. There are certain elements that are present in the classical art but absent in the modern and vice versa. With the increase in popularity of art you can buy abstract art or any kind of art from anywhere.

The true difference between modern and classical art is between the stories. The classical art narrates some sober and aesthetically pleasing stories whereas the modern art can be paradoxical and crazy. The modern art doesn’t have to narrate the story in chronological order. And that is absolutely why only artists who have the whole knowledge about the subject can pursue it or understand it. The modern art and the contemporary art is the same, both are the kind of art that is produced in this generation of ours. Also, unlike the classical art the modern art or contemporary art is not necessarily for a wide audience. It is only for limited audience who can understand it.

Contemporary art is doing rounds all over the world and Dubai is no exception. Contemporary art in Dubai is exceptionally popular in fact. People residing in Dubai as well as people visiting Dubai are very keen on attending on art fairs and exhibitions and auctions. Honestly, it is not at all uncommon to find million dollar art pieces hanging on some mall’s wall. The whole of Dubai has been a key place for the encouragement of modern art. Just like how every art tells a story, Dubai is one place that is in the story for many art pieces.

Art has been a major tool while shaping up our society and we cannot disregard that fact. Every major society and civilization has seen art as the witness and storage of their culture. Hence, it would be right to say that without art the world will not move.

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