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Mostly Different Dubai galleries display the creative embodiment of imaginative work over the numerous worldwide presentations held in Dubai, it’s nothing unexpected that in these exhibitions held in UAE, many of the known artists are making the ability to show their unique and ideal work globally. There are many known portrait artists, which are growing because of their unique art. From growing as a creative artist to building up identities – opportunities in Dubai are numerous. Every artist has his own style and nature of work to do.  Here are a few portrait artists from Dubai that you should know.

Mohammed Hindash portrait artist:

Mohammed Hindash found his undying affection for art when he accomplished flawlessness of highlights and expressions while drawing; ink illustrations to canvases to delightful representations, it has been love towards art. The importance of cosmetic and medical surgery and facial features of people led him to the master as a portrait artist. He distinguishes his style as article photography-meets-painting and uses photos as a motivation to mirror his creative ability. For him he considers himself to win from the machine art in real.  Aside from making life like portraits, Hindash has a cosmetics instructional exercise channel which has drawn numerous followers.

Sana Maarrawi as a portrait artist:

Sana’s self-educated art articulation is the augmentation of her connection to animals. Each component is a result of accuracy cut through perfect portraits. The pictures she makes can be contrasted with a superior quality photography – she lays emphasis on the difference, shade tone, highlights, and sensible feel of the piece.

Suzi Nassif as a portrait artist:

Suzi Nassif is also one of the famous portrait artists, inspired by many known artists like Picasso and de Vinci. Her work is really amazingly appreciated by the art collectors. In Suzi portraits, the eye is the main element. She focuses on many expressions, but the most prominent element is an eye. Suzi is the talented and realistic artist that may paint your dreams, her own dreams, tragedy, comedy and realistic things around us. Her paintings contain complexity, thus, you have to be a lover of art to understand the paintings of Suzi. Each portrait she makes is all about her imaginings, mood, and situation. For Suzi, it is very important to give life to every portrait. Moreover, her portrait is screaming to the silence that represents a realistic art. Moreover, Suzi Nassif is also expert in presenting different art forms that is admired by the audience ad art lovers. sss

Here are her some of the known work she is famous for:

  1. Nude Sur-Reality:

This kind of portrait of Suzi is attracted to the audience. The art of nude sur reality is only for those art lovers who can understand it easily.

  1. Digital surrealism:

Suzi is the best artist know as a digital surreal artist in Dubai. Her digital surrealism work is very different and impressive work, shows the depth of creativity.

  1. Black and white art:

Black and white is the art before the color was introduced and now in this era, this art is also appreciated by the art collectors. Suzi Nassif offers numerous pieces of black and white art that the audience loves to buy from her. There is much black and white art that you can find from her official site.

These are the main art work which is very impressive and ideal for the art collectors. Suzi is one of the most popular artists who shows the realistic art through her work. She represents her great imagination through her art. Her impressive dedication shows love towards art.


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