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Art in Dubai is taking a whole new life of its own and at a quick rate. This is not only applicable in Dubai but also in neighboring countries in the Middle East such as Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Art collectors are investing heavily in galleries and art exhibitions in Dubai, this generally promotes the country’s culture and arts. This also gives rise to new artists that are slowly showcasing their talents and trying to make a name for themselves in the competitive art field.

Dubai holds different art exhibitions, galleries and other art events quite a number of times in the year. This allows both famous artists in Dubai as well as the new comers to showcase their paintings. With art collectors investing heavily in the art industry, it has also greatly helped the countries’ economy to sky rocket. As it is, there are a few famous artists in Dubai who have made a great splash in the field and a great name as well. All have their own unique spin when it comes to art and all have proved to the public that they are simply geniuses in what they do. One of the famous artists in Dubai includes Suzi Nassif, known for her feminine yet surrealistic touch in art and unique airbrushing technique. Her works will mesmerize and amuse art collectors at the same time. She has also exhibited worldwide and has a fair claim to fame among modern artists.

What to expect in Future?

Younger Buyers – An assumption is easily made by everyone that art lovers are almost always of a certain age. However, the art market in Dubai has since attracted younger buyers. This is as a result of the rise of contemporary and modern art that young artists are indulging in. Younger buyers have since had an interest in the contemporary art and have since flocked the market.

Vibrant Art – With the rise of younger buyers there’s bound to be a creation of more vibrant art being created from young artists. Vibrant art may include powerful pieces that talk about the society and issues affecting the young generation of the society.  This is to be expected in the future because young artists will be targeting young art collectors.

Wider Platform – With the increase in demand for the art galleries and art pieces, there will definitely be the need for increase in supply. With this said a platform for young upcoming and talented artists in Dubai will be created. It will also force the artists to create unique pieces; they will look for a blend in different aspects in art making the collectors spoilt for choice. Painting exhibitions in Dubai will feature different techniques and a call for originality as well as uniqueness and creativity.

The art market in Dubai has a very bright future, not only will there be galleries and exhibitions hosted locally but it will give rise to international showings forcing art collectors to travel from all parts of the world to acquire magnificent pieces.

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