Faces And Phases

Acrylic Artwork

Every individual portrait exhibits a certain expression inviting the viewer to unravel the story behind the expressions full of life. Since It is my passion to observe expressions of people in different situations and the ones that are extremely inquisitive, I choose to paint them. The beautiful aspect about this is that every expression is drastically different from the other and that every expression appears marvelous when painted. As eyes are windows to the soul, they make the user indulge in the story that they tell.

I feel that you can read and interpret all the emotions of a human being just by looking in their eyes. It is hard for me sometimes to find a person or a photo that will have the particular gaze that I am looking for; they need to tell a story. Inspired and stirred by different events, news, life situations, people I know, gazes I collect and save in my memory and others realistic aspects I created each portrait here to document a unique story whether happy, sad or undefined! the book of people! can you read it? I welcome you to go ahead and do it! You will love it!