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As art is one of the hot topics discussed around the globe let us discuss use of acrylic. If you are in search of some modern day art materials to use then pay attention on the most adjacent paint brush loaded with vibrant acrylic paints. This medium of art was mainly chosen by the famous artist of the 20th century such as Mark Rothko and Andy Warhol. Their contribution to this modern form of art has influenced thousands of contemporary artists to walk on this path. The biggest example of this influence is Helen Frankenthaler, Conferring to The Phillips Collection: “In 1963 she began using acrylic paint as opposed to turpentine-thinned oil, resulting in the expansion of form and the production of bolder, more saturated colors. Canyon (above) of 1965, painted in acrylic, exemplifies Frankenthaler’s paintings of the 1960s as it flows out from a boldly colored center, in this case red.”

The vibrant color selections of acrylic paintings make them very appealing to the painters and beginners. Moreover, Acrylics can also be termed as the advanced solutions to the paintings that were particularly craved by the artists of 20th century. Acrylic art form was brought to the market in 1940. Initially it began as house painting but later its quick drying feature and stress-free usability was noticed by many contemporary painters. Since then it has amused artists and influenced them to choose acrylics as their signature medium of painting. Here I shall mention some of the eye catching and famous acrylic paintings that are mostly praised by art collectors and will prove to be a medium of inspiration for the beginners.

Randy L. Honerlah; Letting Go

After viewing this magnificent painting by Randy the first thing could be a concept of heavenly trees that might be releasing there blissful leaves or it can also be the daring awakening of an individual, this painting also gives a message of breathing deeply and expanding one’s awareness. The light play in this painting mainly helps it to convey the message and its concept. The vibrant color used in this painting keeps it uplifting and fresh.

April M. Rimpo; Lanterns

Rimpo makes her very own blacks and grays by blending hues. The outcome is significantly more extravagant than utilizing tube blacks or grays. What appears at first look to be dark is truly layers of Phthalo Blue, purple, and other dim shades to step by step construct the darkest territories. The lighter grays were additionally blended utilizing Quinacridone Coral, Cobalt Blue, and Quinacridone Gold.

Cher Anderson; Fancy Feathers

 This painting was the consequence of long stretches of holding up to catch the ideal minute when the flamingo stretched  his wing and showed the range of qualities from light, delicate pink to profound dark and each shading in the middle. His head curved and his dim snout dressing made a sensational impact and showed a marvel only from time to time observed.

Michael Wagner; Bill

There is a considerable measure of shading and surface in the skin tones of generally representations. Wagner finds when he applies it freely it seems more practical and lavish. He painted Bill with a full scope of shading esteems, and utilized surface and shading to accomplish a photorealistic claim. The detail evident in the wrinkles, overlays and includes intrigued the craftsman.

Jingyi Wang; Artificial Nature

This painting speak to all animals in nature. Through the solid and free attributes that the prickly plants speak to, the craftsman would like to express the effect that human movement has on nature. The cast shadow out of sight is really a different picture and speaks to that the desert flora is developing in an unreasonable, unnatural encompassing.


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