1.When did Suzi Nassif start to paint?

Suzi Nassif started to paint back in 2006. The 9 year journey has brought substantial maturity and impeccable perfection in the art work of the artist. Throughout this time period, she has displayed her praise worthy work in many renowned exhibitions. The artist also takes pride in auctioning her work in charity organizations. The artist further does commissioned art for wide range of audience.

2.What is Suzi’s artistic style?

For putting her thoughts into paintings, she chooses Abstract portraiture and figurative style. Most of her work is an inspiration from real life situations. She loves to observe expressions of people and then transfers them into her paintings. According to her, eyes in particular are windows to the soul and she invites her viewers to explore her abstract and figurative paintings with unique expressions.

3.What type of mediums does she preferably use?

She chooses acrylic or oil as her most preferable mediums of painting. The effect of painting on both the mediums is drastically different yet beautiful in their own way. These mediums are highly durable.

4.Does she own a private studio?

Yes, she owns her own private studio where she paints her masterpieces with peace. She has designed her studio to give her creativity a boost and provide her inspiration to paint extraordinarily.

5.If yes, how can you reach her?

You can reach her at Jumeirah 2 in Dubai where you can meet her and visit her studio and see the paintings in person for a better perspective.

6.Can I see Suzi’s art work in galleries?

Like other artists, she also showcases her art work in galleries that are open to public and art lovers from ever region visit the art galleries and observe the paintings in depth and get their emotions stirred.

7.At what galleries is her work available?

Stay tuned for the details. You can alternatively contact her and ask for an appointment if you are interested in seeing her paintings or meeting her in person.

8.Any upcoming exhibition displaying Suzi’s work?

Yes, there is an upcoming exhibition in Marina mall at Sheikh Zayed road, Dubai. You will be notified on the website as soon as the starting date is decided.

9.What is an art commission?

Art commission is actually a relationship that requires creating or producing a work of art on commission for someone else. It is actually a partnership between you and that person. It is not essential for the commissioned work to be paid. Artwork can be commissioned by private individuals, by the government and businesses.

10.Is she also a commissioned artist?

Yes, she is also a commissioned artist.

11.What portrait sizes that she often use?

She uses 100 x 100 cm more often but upon a request by the customer, she can also use a different portrait size. Sometimes, she chooses other portrait sizes herself as well but this is the most commonly used size in her paintings.