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There are lot many people out there in the world who desire to paint portraits. But, in a fix to figure out the ways to achieve the best outcome. The first thing to do is to remove all barriers and give yourself the permission to jump into the world of art. The win or failure is the next thing to worry about.

More often people believe that creativity lies in the genes of an artist, it’s true to a less extent, but I prefer to give equal advantage to hard work and consistency. I have few secrets to share with you and following these would help you to become a successful portrait artist in Dubai or worldwide. Read On!     

The Art of Start:

Know ‘the art of start’ or your passion will merely turn into a lifetime regret. Life with a guilt of not starting your creative endeavor isn’t of much worth. Tame your need for more time to start painting a perfect portrait. Beat that feel of creating it later. Do not allow your blank canvas stare at you, and the portrait you desperately wanted to add to your collection would seem a world away.

Keep your motivation alive, you better know how, and overcome the thoughts and actions holding you back. I usually set everything aside, take a coffee mug, play classical pacifying music, and a sort of inspiration starts to take over my nerves and here I go.

Be Focused & Consistent:

Lack of time appears like the perfect excuse, family, kids, social commitments…life. However, to bring you in touch with your brush and paints is the real truth being an artist. And, as soon as you realize the fact, it would be fairly advantageous for you.

One of the appreciable traits of successful contemporary portrait artists is that they continue to visualize achieving great things in their job and keep working towards their goals. Once you start painting portraits, the next step is to do it with full consistency- no leaps of break, no excuses.

Do not quit if, for any reason, you hit a roadblock or problem. Focus on your original vision. Face the adversity, gives you a chance to learn and grow. Persistence is the key difference between a successful portrait artist and the one who quits.

Research your Subject:

Portrait artists are no less than the researchers. At least I consider them this way specifically when they paint some historical character. For instance, the portrait of Aida painted by Suzi Nassif-a famous artist in Dubai. Aida Desta was an Ethiopian princess. See, if an artist does not know the history of the subject he is going to paint, then how he could come up with the true picture.

Successful artists research their subjects-in person. It’s important to see your subjects as much as possible. Subject’s personality, the attitude and the expressions, etc., all this information has always influenced the portrait. Deep understanding of your subject supports you with the colors too; the shadows and highlights.

Leverage the Opportunities:

Successful artists brilliantly identify and capitalize on the opportunities that may come their way. This is characteristic of business people and contemporary portrait artists, for their wins, embrace the fact that art is no less than a competitive business.

A number of portrait artists in Dubai and worldwide have their own brand titles. They understand the importance of learning how to operate their art as a business. For this, they are always willing to improve their skills and expertise ensuring their success.

Be Professional & Social:

To become a successful or award winning artist, you need to act professionally with everyone from the general public to art gallery owners, art curators and suppliers etc. This is also important to brand your artwork.

The world is modern today and therefore, artist’s success is also affected by social media presence and networking. You need to keep it positive and for this you will have to carefully use the power of potential prospects.




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