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Surrealism artists have evolved over the years with the surrealism movement. From the great Frida Kalo who is famously known for her great paintings in surrealism to the modern day Suzi Nassif. Susan Nassif paintings have incorporated the modern surrealism style as a way of expression in art.

Surrealism can be dated back to very early years where it was greatly influenced by psychoanalysis. It later influenced other movements which are being used by different artist to this very day. For the case of Frida Kalo, her use of surrealism in her paintings was to show her pain and tell a story. She was a Mexican painter famously known for her paintings which was greatly moved by the surrealism movement.

Suzi Nassif has painted Frida’s portraits, here is her most famous painting featuring Frida Kahlo:



Surrealism is defined by different people and famous art critics in several ways. Andre Breton defined surrealism as the ability to tap into the subconscious and paint from it. According to Andre, he defined surrealism as automatic painting, where the artist doesn’t really need to think about what is being displayed on canvas but paint from the subconscious.

Sigmund Fraud is also a surrealism artist who used this form of movement to express his emotions and desires. In his book “The Interpretation of dreams” (1899), he mentions the importance of dreams and how one can paint from the subconscious. His own paintings were also greatly influenced by surrealism and he goes on to mention its importance in creating art.

As a result, the surrealism movement becomes one of the hardest to categorize, this is because every artist was painting from their own subconscious. This brought about different elements of expression since everyone’s story was different. The art was meant to jolt you out of the ordinary and transfer you to an imaginary world which it achieved when painters used the subconscious.

Modern day surrealism has taken a different turn in comparison to traditional surrealism movement. As much as Frida Kalo art style was classified under surrealism, she stated that it was not her subconscious but her own reality she painted. After World War 1, artists used this form of art to escape the harsh reality of life at the time.  Surrealism has taken great strides since then where artist have evolved with it and blended it with different art movements to express art.

Surrealism movement has had one of the greatest impacts in art, culture and to some extent politics. The movement has also influenced many artists around the world, where they employ different styles, techniques and ideas to express their art. It is easy for contemporary artist to take up this form of movement because it relies on their expression and inner feelings. With this being said surrealism borders on the imaginary. The end result might be joyful, bright and gritty or in some cases it can take a different turn and become sad and depressing. Modern day surrealism has been adopted by the digital age. It is considered bizarre but also familiar, you never really know what to expect.

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