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Art is basically a creative skill that can be demonstrated through ideas, sounds or imaginative designs. It has been a crucial part of our rich history and has been progressing with the passage of time and has best depicted the evolution in ideas, times and events.

Today, one of the most famous art forms is contemporary art. Contemporary portrait art is a type of art form that has always been considered attractive by many art lovers all around the world. It has a very important place in the history of art irrespective of its origin and is highly celebrated and praised by many art lovers. If a painting was created or produced after the World War II than it falls in the category of contemporary art. This type of art is displayed in many galleries and museums all over the world. The term Contemporary art has been created by skilled artists and professionals of the modern era and these artists tend to create art that is a reflection of our society.

With all of its tall towers, hotels, and shopping malls Dubai is considered high tech and contemporary emirate and many people compare this beautiful sight with art. There are many contemporary portrait artists who are famous all over the world and art lovers who visit Dubai can go to their art shows and galleries. In fact the entire city of Dubai is filled with an artistic air, whether we talk about the skyscrapers or the mosques, all are considered a work of art.

Contemporary portrait art can best be defined as the new generation of modern art. If we talk about contemporary art in Dubai then these paintings are gaining wide recognition all over the city of Dubai and as a result there are numerous art exhibitions and galleries displaying this art form. Because of this popular contemporary artists from all over the world are taking part in these exhibitions. Dubai is one of the best places for these contemporary artists because here people understand this form of art and they recognize and respect the hard work that is put in by these artists.

Because Dubai is a famous transit hub and tourist attraction, thousands of people visit these galleries every year ever since the local art scene has revolutionized. Because the Dubai expo 2020 is approaching, the entire city has engaged in making it the leader in online connectivity, innovation and creativity meaning that the people who cannot attend the galleries in person can see the art online. In addition to this you also purchase different contemporary art portraits online rather than visiting the gallery in person. The people who purchase paintings online get an originality certificate ensuring the authenticity of the portrait

Contemporary photography is gaining wide population all around the globe and many art collectors as well as individual clients are purchasing contemporary portraits to display in their homes. Dubai which was not popular for its artistic values a few years ago is quickly transforming itself into a land of arts and has become a heaven for those people who love contemporary arts and photography.

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