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Glass painting is gaining a lot of popularity among artists nowadays. It is only because of the reason that it helps the artists to give a life to a glass by adding some beautiful colors. Glasses are very beautiful and glass paintings are a delight for human eyes. This amazing art is gaining fame among those who are deeply interested in decorating their homes by giving it an artistic touch with ease. In fact, it is not a hard task to do. You can also create a glass painting within a day.  All you need to have a little imagination and patience along with you to perform this task effortlessly.

Things Required for Glass Painting

The things you will require for glass painting are:

  • A piece of glass having 8×8” dimension.
  • Glass liners
  • Paints
  • Paintbrushes
  • Soft piece of cloth
  • Nail polish remover

You will also need to bother about collecting all these items. It is because all these above-mentioned items are available in painting kits, which are easily available in the market in a reasonable price. However, even before buying a glass painting kit, you will have to decide what colors you will be using for making your glass painting. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to opt for water-based colors and get the beginners painting kit.

Glass painting is also one of the most famous forms of art that gained popularity during the eighteenth century in Europe and North America. Some Chinese artists firstly introduced this beautiful art form in 18th Century. Various types of paints are used in glass painting like for instance acrylic, oil based, enamel and many more. You can easily buy many of these paints from various online well-reputed dealers.

Process of Glass Painting

Glass paintings are usually on a clear glass sheet, although you can also use a stained glass for this purpose as well. This beautiful and artistic art form requires a great amount of right skills and expertise to perform it well. The whole process is quite different from painting on various sized objects that are opaque. You will have to clean the surface of the tumbler with hot water and some detergent. There are also many cleaning products available in the market that you can choose in this regard. After washing it, leave it for a while to dry. You will require a pallet to mix the colors paint thoroughly. You can use a small amount of water and mix the paint with a brush. Make sure to make the paint thick so it can remain on the glass. You can create an artistic pattern by using the right type of paintbrushes on smooth surfaces.

Types of Paints for Glass Painting

 Below I have discussed types of paints which you can use for glass painting:


Artists who are interested in mixing various types of colors, enamel paints can be the best option for them. These paints are made of various fine glass particles and a material that has a similarity to paint.


Acrylic is one of the most flexible paint, which can effortlessly be used on various surfaces like for instance on canvas, paper and even on glass. You can select various types of painting techniques by using acrylic paints.

 Oil Based Paint:

Oil based paints are one of the simplest paint products, which can be used on stained glass. It also has the capability to be mixed to achieve a wide range of colors with ease.