by developer

Human soul is beautiful in a way that it stays disguised yet controls all the feelings and emotions of human beings. Art holds greater significance than any other way in which a human soul is affected drastically but positively. It wires our thinking process and triggers our emotions beautifully. Have you ever noticed how listening to a good song or watching a beautiful painting changes your mood instantly and how looking at a painting helps you imagine a beautiful world where there is only joy and bliss all around you and no negativity.

Let us take a look at various ways in which art changes us:

It makes us compassionate:

I still remember when I once visited a museum and came across a painting of a poor child begging on a road and wearing tattered clothes. I stared at the painting for more than an hour. I do not remember any other time when something moved me so deeply and positively. I went straight to an orphanage and spent my whole day with orphan kids. So, I realized that art makes you a compassionate person, it further makes you thankful for knowing how blessed you are. Seeing paintings that give powerful messages makes us contemplate deeply and think how they help instill values in us which make us a better human being.

It makes us think beyond what is portrayed:

Looking at a painting of a girl smiling, we can easily tell from her eyes that she is giving a fake smile. As eyes are windows to the soul and if a brilliant artist paints them well, you can see how eyes tell you a lot about a person’s feelings. In everyday life, observing paintings helps you in finding out what people really feel and not believe what they appear to be. This makes us understand their situation better and people start trusting you more as you can read their emotions without even an explanation. So, understanding someone’s emotions is a blessing that you get by observing abstract art particularly portrait paintings by portrait artists.

It gives you inspiration:

Having a beautiful painting at your home and in your office always helps you in forgetting all your stress and tensions for a while. It takes only a few glances at the painting and your mood gets lifted. It is so simple to have your stress busted like that. A painting with a positive message usually helps in enlightening your spirits especially after a bad day. Moreover, waking up in the morning to a beautiful painting always makes your day beautiful.

It makes us appreciate perfection:

Paintings of Michael Angelo and Leonardo da Vinci help us realize that perfection is beautiful. Looking at figures in mesmerizing paintings and seeing how perfection is achieved helps us in applying the same in real life. We tend to achieve perfection being influenced by paintings and it improves our lifestyle as well. So, a simple painting affects us greatly in helping us achieve perfection.