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What is art?

Art in a simpler form that can be described as just something we do, an expression of our thoughts, intuitions, desires, and emotions. We can use art to share our experience in the world we live in. Art gives people the opportunity to communicate very intimate concepts that cannot be communicated by just words. Art is immersive and thus a perfect tool that artists can use to give their expressions to an audience that understands it.

So how can art be a form of hope?

Art is decorative and its basis can just be centered on matters decoration. Art can be used for different purposes as well. We have seen from the past artists and now even by modern artists how art can be used as a way of communication. Modern art can now be used as a tool of communicating social or political ideas. Humans are visual beings and art for them usually makes a very strong impression. Art thus can successfully be used by humans to communicate with each other.

There are many instances that art can serve as a form of hope especially during difficult times. An artist living in an oppressive society can for instance make a work of art to communicate the way life is. There are so many pieces of artwork that depict oppression which were created by artists who lived under oppressive regimes. In this sense it can be said that for them art served as form of hope. Even the audience for which the artists were targeting looked to such pieces of artwork as a form of hope.

Another instance where art has served as a form of hope is where those in captivity turn to art to portray their suffering and their eventual salvation from such captivity. Indeed art has been used so many times as a tool for solace and hope for those who had lost hope in life. Art is very powerful and can be used in various forms to elicit varied emotions. This is not to say that art can also serve as form of cynicism.

There are also different types of calligraphy and paints you can see on walls in tough and desolate places, worn torn areas and those other kinds of places. Those works of art may carry messages of hope to the people who dwell in such deplorable conditions that it may just be a matter of time before liberation comes. In this sense art is clearly seen as a form of hope to the people, indeed art can be the only method of communicated hope to a people who are disheartened and already hopeless.

Hope is usually visionary and what better way can it be communicated if not by art? Art by far is one of the best ways that hope can be communicated to people who have lost it. The audience for which art is used to communicate hope must also be those who understand the inner meaning of that piece of artwork.


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