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The world that we see today has always been and will always be obsessed with good artists. Believe it or not there are millions in the world who wants to better their painting and art work. Art and paintings is not just a way of living in fact it is never seen as a way of living. It is more of a happiness and mindfulness. If you want to be able to improve your skills as an artist or if your intention is to become a professional artist then there are some points that you might want to keep in mind and improve yourself.

The first and foremost thing that you need to find out about is your comfort level. Figure out if you are comfortable with acrylic artwork or canvas painting. Identify the key characteristics and then find out the best practices and figures and also how to get to the best results. You do not want to learn and figure out so much just for nothing. When you figure out step by step you will be able to identify what parts of the skill you need to work on. You will find out your strength and weaknesses which is great assessment and practice.

Art itself is not logical and there should not be any logical approach while learning and improving skills. Be it canvas painting or construction of sculptures or acrylic artwork experiment and figure out. Hit and trial works the best here and nothing else, a logical approach will never be able to improve your skills and make you a good painter but experiments and finding your inner state of mindfulness and channeling your happiness in your artwork will definitely get you there.

Set your stake higher always. Go through the works of famous artists and find out what inspired them, what made them paint what they did. A great art has every element in it and to become a good artist you need to study the past, present as well as work on your art work. A great artist has inspiration, uniqueness, talent, vision and lot of other elements. More than anything else it takes hard work, anticipation, dedication and motivation to get there. There is no such short cut but pure dedication and time which will help you climb the stairs.

It is not very necessary to educate yourself in this matter however; a course that allows you to improve and develop your skills should never be rejected. Abstract and surreal or contemporary or human figures have lot of technicalities involved. Color theory and perception can be used to manipulate a lot of things. A whole picture can be changed because of the colors used. Colors can truly add life to your picture and gaining knowledge about colors will only keep you on the winners’ side. Shapes and color theory can literally spell magic for your painting and step by step you can definitely become a good artist. So what are you waiting for? Improve your skills and rock the world!

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