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There’s only a slight difference between Surrealism and abstract expressionism, yet they both are entirely different forms of contemporary art.

The art movement of both of these types of artwork is similar in many ways. Like mentioned earlier, both these styles of art are only differentiated by a fine line, and Dubai is a hub for artwork and is a platform for many rising artists. There are many art galleries that display contemporary art in Dubai.

So, getting back to surrealism, as indicated by Hobbs about surreal art, he says, “Although both Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism are troubled with the perception of the unconscious behavior, surrealism is conventional in introduction while the later one is over-romantic.” He used the term “conventional” to describe the yearning to make a request that is reasonable by a gathering and “sentimental” to mean the refining of obvious truth through the individual vision of the artists.

However, both of these types of artwork focus on permitting the unconscious behavior to be shown in the work. As indicated by Hobbs, “The Surrealists considered the writer’s study or the painter’s studio as a lab where they could try different things with imagination as programmed masterpiece and spiritual automatism. Despite the fact that they looked to find thought before it gets to be normal, the Surrealists were once in a while substance to escape unclear scribbling in their completed lyrics or careless sketches and puddles of paint in their finished sketches; rather they felt forced to practice the necessary of the mindful systematic personality on these uncontrolled turmoil and to drive them into socially endorsed zones with a specific end goal to make the secretive conceivable” (Hobbs, page. 299).

Basically, the main aim of the Surrealists was to train their subconscious mind, to come through in their fine art, however, they at the same time wanted the viewer to comprehend the message they were making in their paintings in Dubai.

On the other hand, the Abstract Expressionist painters had an alternate strategy behind their work of art and the abstract art painting is yet another type of the art movement. And this method is entirely different from that of the Abstract Expressionists. Hobbs described the abstract expressionism something like this, “Numerous Abstract Expressionists exploit an improvisatory method that took after spiritual automatism, which Motherwell termed as “plastic automatism.” Motherwell, distinguished it as an agreement of three coherent stages; jotting or doodling to coax the brain to discharge its sub, pre, or unconscious components; thinking about these acts of spontaneities to observe what sorts of arrangements they recommend; and requesting each one of the components into an organization that ponder over these structures and expands on them.

A basic guess of both plastic and spiritual automatism is that the unconscious behavior is genuinely an incredible innovative phenomenon, or rather described as the artistic dream whose forces must be initially unleashed and after that regrouped into some sufficient request” (Hobbs, page. 299).

Both of this type of art movement is extremely popular and you can purchase many acrylic paintings in Dubai from the different art galleries.


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