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Abstract art-the most dignified form of art needs sheer practice and exceptional skills. The reason abstract art is unlike every other art form is because it requires intense imagination and the viewer has the liberty to come up with his own interpretation of the abstract art. Becoming an abstract artist in Dubai will provide you overabundance of opportunities but setting yourself apart from other abstract artists requires you to be extraordinarily good at your work.

Here are following steps one must take in order to be a successful abstract artist in Dubai:

Get a degree in art:

Having a degree in relevant subject is essential as it expedites your process of becoming successful in your chosen profession. So, list down the finest art universities that promise exceptional learning and then apply. Dubai has no dearth of top notch art universities such as American University in Dubai and University of Wollongong so, you can choose amongst them.

Visit Art galleries:

Art Galleries in Dubai are open to aspiring artists and provide them an opportunity to not only observe artwork but also meet the artists. Some worth mentioning art galleries are Cross Borders, Art Sawa and Ayyam gallery. Visiting the galleries will help you not only get inspiration about innovative abstract art paintings but also to seek opportunities to exhibit your artwork once you have graduated.

Create a Portfolio:

Take professional pictures of your artwork and create a portfolio of them. Make sure that your portfolio speaks for itself and establishes your image as an innovative and highly creative artist of abstract expressionism art. Show your portfolio to professionals in the field and take all the criticism constructively.

Get a website and be on social media:                                            

It’s ok if you do not know how to do it yourself. Hire a professional and make sure they create a great site for you so that people can find you online. Make social media pages and start with telling your family and friends to like them. Make sure you have your contact information on both the site and your social media pages.

Visit art exhibitions and art events:

Dubai has witnessed some mega art exhibitions in the past which tells that Dubai is not new to art events and art exhibitions. So, make sure you visit the art events and exhibitions that are happening near you where you will get a chance to meet international artists and witness their artwork.

Do not give up:

Art demands you to be highly creative and there will be times when you will run out of ideas or you won’t be able to generate a new idea. The only thing you can do is not giving up and waiting with persistence and patience.


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