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Painting a portrait is an extremely hard job, take it from the famous artists in Dubai. However, it’s not impossible to achieve this task of creating life itself. Reasons listed below should be enough to give you an idea:

Secrets to Becoming a Famous Portrait Artist

The portrait paintings in Dubai and all over the world, are seen to be filled in with oil colors. The reason is that oil gives the portrait the life it actually needs. However, mastering the use of oil paintings itself is an art. Portrait paintings Dubai, are made exclusively with oil paints. Many others around the world also make use of oil paints but the paintings of Dubai are famous all over the world for their real, sharp and enhanced ways of capturing life. However, keep in mind that using the right paints or the perfect brush isn’t enough to create majestic portraits. You need to capture the main essence of your work. To do that, you must follow these steps:

  1. Do Not Wait for Inspiration

Yes, you heard it right. Do not wait around for inspiration to come and let you wander around in the world of art. If your blank canvas seems to be staring at you, then look for photos, see out the window. If nothing captures your eyes, then simply draw your frustration out. Create a mindless portrait. Google some people and start drawing. It won’t be fun but slowly you’ll get to the point where your own brain will itself create ideas and those ideas will then serve as your inspiration in moving forward and finally mastering the art of drawing portraits.

  1. Get to Know Your Subject

There’s more to a person that meets the eye right? Following this, interact with your subject as much as possible. Get to know them, feel their happiness, their sorrows and their anger. But mostly, feel the essence of their soul, their life. And then capture that essence, releasing it into your art. Here it is must to mention that in order to create good art, knowing your subject is vital. An example of this would be the abstract expressionism art Dubai, which is created using the intricate details and admired throughout the world. In that art, you can easily see that the subject is described diversely and you can easily imagine the life surrounding him/her. And there is only one way the artist has made that possible. I’ll let you guess the answer!

  1. Research Your Subject Thoroughly

By researching your subject, you open yourself to the deep part of their soul and life. It allows you to capture the subject in the most intricate way as possible. And when it comes to portraits, the details are what the subject or any other person is searching for!

  1. Too Much?

“Too much” here isn’t about money. It is about working too hard and overdoing i.e. you can use a lot of colors or capture a lot of details and create the perfect portrait but satisfaction will be missing. That satisfaction will return to you when you manage to make something that speaks for itself i.e. reveal some but hide some too. Create some mystery, let the portrait speak for itself rather than you making it blurt all its secrets out. Take the abstract expressionism art Dubai, as an example. It captures details true but the painting speaks for itself as well. Hence don’t try to overdo your art. Make the most with what you have!

  1. Don’t Give Up

Portrait art will make you want to rip your face off. But don’t give up, work one step at a time. You’ll reach to your destination. It is bound to take time, so go slowly and patiently. Your painting might be just adequate at first but slowly it will reach the point where your lips will quirk up into a smile when you see it. So yes, never ever give up!

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