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When we talk about art as a subject or for interpretation a lot of things start to come into picture. Interpretation and evaluation of art present those who are in this art selling and buying business with some serious problems. It is quite obvious however because art works are generally complicated ones and to interpret them is beyond obvious, in fact interpretation of any art work depends on person to person and their frequency of understanding. No two people in this world can understand an art work the same way because it is all about perception and not just about reading a book and answering some questions.

The question that comes in your mind is why should you ever interpret or evaluate an art work? Is it that necessary? Well, yes, those who keep paintings for sale or buy them from exhibitions and auctions need to know what they are buying. Why the need might be the next question you want to ask. When you hang up an art work in your room you will want to know everything about the painting and even more so because an art wok mostly is the head turner among your home décor products and people will ask you about it.

How do you understand, interpret and evaluate art? Mostly you first find out about the painters, about their likes and dislikes, historical backgrounds and factors relevant to their art work. An artist usually works on one particular genre however there are some who works on various genres and those are the times when you need to know about all kind of art works. They follow a tradition. Especially if you look at the work by artists from renaissance period you will find almost all of them working on one particular genre. A study of the age in which the artist lived can also shed some light on their paintings and art work.

There are a lot of things that influence and mold an artist’s art work and it’s not just paintings for sale that encourages them. With time the art works have changed genre and have upped the complexities. Genres such as abstract and surreal have come into picture recently when compared to other genres but if you look at the market numbers you will find that these new and recent genres are doing quite well. People love having a quality painting or art work which is complex and soothing in their home and abstract or surreal paintings provide absolutely that. However, you will still find many old and renaissance age art works still. When it comes to paintings and art work one cannot decide if old is gold or the new ones are better. What Van Gogh started have reached new heights today and definitely will soar higher, there is no doubt in that. Whenever you have to interpret or evaluate an art work, read and gain knowledge about the artist’s state of mind and his or her inhibitions and intentions that will allow you to interpret an art work just like it is in the artist’s mind.

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