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The real appreciation of both the artist and the artwork lies in the value that is given to the artwork by the artist. This value is usually referred to the selling price of the artwork. Nevertheless, pricing the artwork is not an easy task for an artist and especially for the beginners who are enthusiastic about exhibiting their paintings for sale. We see several art galleries with original paintings for sale, but the display price of paintings is decided by the artists and art galleries mostly operate on commission on their sales. Thereby, artists need to consider several things in order to price their artworks. Here are some simple tips and tricks to price your art:

Cost of materials

You should start from calculating the cost of the materials you used in your art work. We can see many modern at paintings for sale which use modern materials like acrylics and oil paints. These materials carry different costs and you must calculate the cost of all these kinds of materials you used for your artwork. You should make a rough calculation in case you forget the costs because you should not sell your art below the cost materials used for it.

Cost of Labor

You should calculate the cost of your time and effort used to make the art. You should evaluate your per hour cost and then estimate the total cost. The measure of your effort lies in your work experience and the type of art you make. If you have made a conceptual art with immense creativity, your per hour wage will be high. On the contrary, an artwork of normal creativity demands less effort and thus your per hour wage will be calculated according to it.

Size of your art

The size of art matters a lot when it comes to the size. The size is the measure of effort because arts with large sizes are hard to handle and require more work. Moreover, the size of art also depicts the amount of materials used in it. Usually, small arts require less materials as compared to huge artworks. Therefore, you should calculate the wage and cost of materials in terms of size of the artwork.

Check the value of similar artworks

Large number of galleries have original paintings for sale throughout the year. You should go to an exhibition or an art gallery in order to check the market prices and market value of similar products that are built on same canvas within same amount of time. You can consult the management of art galleries for this purpose. Furthermore, you must analyze the worth of your work through looking at prices of artworks made by artists who match your experience and skills. Once you are done with these steps, you are ready to set your paintings for sale through art galleries and exhibitions. Remember, the art galleries are commission based and you must also check the commission percentage and then decide the price of your art.

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